AMC Breaking Bad

AMC Breaking Bad

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I watched this show a couple months ago! It was great!

Addicted to this show Gritty and realistic view on the world of meth. This show had me hooked after the first episode. It really shows what one man will do for the sake of his family. Each episode leaves you wanting more. It's also a show that can be re watched many times and still throughly be enjoyed. Great acting and captivating story. Highly reccomend!

Excellent series! First two episodes are slightly show, but gets awesome by the third or fourth episode in. Addictive!

Watched the entire season. Very addictive show. The first episode pulled me in and had to watch them all.

This show is beyond phenomenal. The cinematography alone, is just beyond words. The camera angles, the shots, the lighting...the direction, the acting... Not all shows live up to the hype. This one does. Watch it. Then watch it again. Be amazed at what you missed, and be humbled by it's brilliance.

Absolutely amazing. Its cliffhangers make you stay tuned until the end. It also has great character development, especially from the protagonist, Walter White. Great acting. Definately must watch.

This is one of the best shows out there! The cast is amazing. The storyline is even better! The show is very very addicting and my husband and I recommend it to anyone who asks for a new show to watch. I was sad to see it end but the way it did end was amazing! It keeps you going and you don't want to stop watching it!

If you don't love the first episode you won't love the show. I could not binge watch this show though and definitely took my time only because it was so emotional. The last season was done perfectly and definitely makes this one of the best shows ever.

Yet another crazy show I'm totally addicted too! I didn't like it as much towards the end, but of course I had to stick it out. Sad it's over - Loved poor Jesse!

I got into the show late. I didn't think that I would like it. omg! how awesome! sorry its over now but they wrapped the show up perfectly.

BEST SHOW EVER TO APPEAR ON AMC. Wish it could continue but I still enjoy the old episodes.

This is my favorite T.V. show. You'll probably watch an entire season in like one night because it is so addicting. The writing of this show is amazing. Vince Gilligan is genius! I have completely fallen in love with the main characters Walt and Jesse. Yes, it's a little gritty, but soooo good. New season of Breaking Bad come on August 11, so better start watching now!

This show is amazing! The actors nail the life dead on! This is a definite must watch if you want something more complex than all the reality tv BS that's on every channel!

I llove this show it always leaves me wanting more!

I started watching this show when it started last season. It is a little gritty and raw for some people, since it is about a high school science teacher that finds out he has cancer, and worries that since he has a handicapped son, a pregnant wife, that he will not have enough to leave behind to provide for them so he gets involved in making meth. Then it gets really wild as the characters that he gets involved with in that life and how he develops. Anyway it is worth a watch if you can handle that kind of thing.