Clairol Perfect 10 Hair Color

Clairol Perfect 10 Hair Color

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I liked the fact that it only took 10 minutes to color my hair, but it seemed the color faded within 2 weeks of coloring back to my natural color. The color I used was drastically different than my natural color so the fading was obvious.

Was okay to apply. But fades just as quickly as a cheaper box of haircolor. Am sticking with my cheaper brand!

I have always colored my own hair. I recently tried this product and was very disappointed. I have very thin hair and it is not very long so I had plenty of hair color to work with, but it did not cover my silvery streaks. Also I have red hilights in my hair, so I usually buy ash blonde. I did this time also, but ended up with orangey hilights!!! What color there was didn't last very long......THANK GOODNESS!!! I'll try something different next time.

I got this product as I was quite excited by the 10 minute time frame. I have two little kids, so being able to do it in the same amount of time as a shower seemed fabulous. The color selection covers all the basic needs. They do not have so many shades available as other brands. I was disappointed as previous reviewers have been in the coverage of grey hairs. It did not fully cover them at all. Instead, I have a washed out look like my color is fading right after I did the dye job. The smell also leaves a lot to be desired. I'll be returning to Garnier Fructisse. All in all, great product for a girl with few or no grey hairs on a time schedule. Not for those with serious grey hair.

I loved the product, but it did wash out quickly. Its too bad it didn't last longer. It worked great on my greys.

I would agree, the colors are beautiful, I love the reds. But they fade quite fast. I do love the ease of application and time. I also noticed my hair feels quite straw like for the first 2 days after as well.

I was really excited for a haircolor to only take 10 minutes to process. I love the colors that this line offers. It really does only take 10 minutes and it smells much better than some of the haircolor I have used. I don't really notice a high gloss, but my hair has more volume and the colors are pretty true to what is pictured on the box. And it covers grays completely. The only problem I have had is it seems to gradually wash out in about a month. I was waiting for roots to begin showing, but instead one day all of my hair was a shade or two lighter. Has anyone else had that problem? I would think that would make it a semi-permanent haircolor, not a permanent one like it claims, but that is the ony thing that keeps this from being a perfect 10 for me.

This is great coverage for an at home application.

i have used this to color my hair numerous times and i have always been very happy with the results! its pretty foolproof and the color is great. i dyed my hair a very dark brown and it was gorgeous.

I love this brand. Every time I color my hair with it I get a crazy amount of compliments. And it's so fast. The speed is also a downfall. If you are slow to getting color on your hair, your head will begin to burn before the ten minutes are up. My mother used this product and then went to get her hair cut at paul mitchell. The stylists thought her color was natural. Great product. The only dye I buy!

I actually enjoyed this product a lot. It's really simple to apply and the color actually lasts if you're using a color safe shampoo and conditioner. My hair felt so great afterwards too. It's so fast too unlike other dyes where you have to leave the color on for 30 minutes to an hour.

Wow, was I ever so happy when Clairol came out with this product that colors hair in 10 minutes. As I usually have to make myself to take the time to color my hair, plus with small children find the time, this was the perfect solution for me to color my hair. I love how it completed covers my hair and is so easy to use. I wlll definitely continue using Clairol 10 from now on! Totally love it! Thanks Clairol for creating the perfect product for busy moms!

I love this hair dye I use it all the time it is the only one that does not fade

Absolutely love this product!! I have a preschooler so 10 minutes is a perfect time instead of 30 to 40 minutes!! It also covers really well. Great product!

I Love perfect 10 hair color because I found it to be so true to color and so easy on the hair. the color is just stunning and that application so easy . its so worth the money I loved it so much I did a video review for it and put if up on YouTube and my blog . whether you color your hair often like I do on just once in a while you will love the performance and shine this awesome color with give you. I am constantly getting compliments on my hair and its all due to Perfect 10 the best home hair color available . My video review can bee seen here