Randy Pausch The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch The Last Lecture

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This book is exceptional and unique. This book is super interesting. Normally I get really bored when reading books but this one was a different experience entirely for me. I learnt alot. I also got one for my friend and she is enjoying it.

Great book! Read it for an English class. It was inspiring that he was fighting cancer and it was the last time he would speak. His passion for speaking is remarkable.

Inspiring Journey of Life This book teaches us to cherish each moment and live life to the fullest, even in the face of adversity. It's a must-read for anyone seeking motivation and perspective on life's priorities.

I Recommend this book. Read it twice even though I still had other books to read

Phenomenal Book This is an amazing book that pulls at your heart strings. If you are a parent, this book will make you realize how important every moment with your children truly is.

This book is very interesting and a great read. I read it for school last year and I enjoyed every moment of reading it. It is sad and makes you think about life.

Strange that I come upon this. I was just thinking about him the other day and was trying to find one of his videos on Youtube to show my daughter. He was an amazing man.

This is a quick read that is super inspirational. AMAZING!

A really good book and a quick read.

A very good book! really liked the part about his football coach and picking strawberries. Read the book before the video and very glad because I probably would of not read the whole book if I had watched it first.

I watched the video of the actual lecture before I read the book. Both are equally amazing. It is a great grounding lecture. Helps you look at the world from a different point of view. To think that such a great mind was taken from us so soon. Both the video and book are beautiful pieces of art.

I just had to buy this book! However, I have not had the courage to read it yet because I know it is going to make me cry!

very Inspirational

I bought this book after my oldest son considered Carnegie Mellon and we took a tour there. It is realistic, touching and will make you cry. You have to read it, I only wish I had the courage of Randy Pausch!

I have gone back to this book frequently over the last few years. I find that it is full of wisdom and life lessons. It's a quick read and very thought-provoking - and helps you to put things in perspective.