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  • SandyEggo By  SandyEggo    

    Not impressed

    I received this as a bridesmaid gift and I wasn't too impressed. I know e.l.f. cosmetic products are known for decent quality with a low price, but this product is nothing special. I guess the only pro I can think of is it doesn't seem to have a fragrance which I know some people care a lot about. I think there are several other options for a face spray with better ingredients for a similar price.

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    


    This is a nice mist to refresh your makeup, especially when it can get a bit powdery, but this is nothing special. The spray, was a spray and not a mist, so droplets ended on my face but didn't do harm. I don't regret buying it but I am not sure if I would buy it again.

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