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  • Oki2cali By  Oki2cali    

    This was the first setting spray I?ve ever used . The price is reasonable and amount you get . Once I started getting more into makeup I started liking others but elf overall is a good brand for a cheap price

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  • ecd103 By  ecd103    

    Saving Spray

    You know that feeling when you just put on a full face of makeup and want to itch so badly? Spray yourself with this. It's incredibly refreshing and stops me from leaving claw marks in my make up time and time again.

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  • brinaelynn By  brinaelynn    

    Disappointed in sprayer

    The spray shot out in like a solid stream, I want something that mists.

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  • TaylorMozer By  TaylorMozer    

    Pick this over high brands

    Smell is not the best, not bad. But not like I?m trying to wear it as a perfume. Does keep your make up on longer! Best setting spray for such low price!

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  • jaylexis2015 By  jaylexis2015    

    I thought this makeup setting spray did good for my face. I wish it were a little more matte though.

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  • KnotNerdy By  KnotNerdy    

    Good for its price

    works ok for the price that it is. The good thing is that it is very affordable especially with deals. Not my first option for setting my makeup but it does make your makeup last longer than it usually does. However I still find that my makeup will fade after 4 hours.

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  • Norbeem By  Norbeem    


    I like this mist because it gives me a glory look! It takes down the powdery look on my face and refreshes the makeup! I like to set my makeup with this mist. And the spray is really nice.

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  • Marylara77 By  Marylara77    

    Don't really like this item! Doesn't set right on my face.

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  • Marylara77 By  Marylara77    

    Don't really like this item! Doesn't set right on my face.

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  • Itskristenmack By  Itskristenmack    

    Currently Using This Spray

    I have been using this setting spray for a few weeks now. I really like it. It really sets my makeup. I have used higher end that are AMAZING. This one is really good and really cheap! It is inexpensive and gets the job done.

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  • princessjatan By  princessjatan    

    I really love e.l.f. products they are definitely one of my favorite brands, however I personally didn't care for the mist spray. It didn't seem to make much difference when I sprayed it on my face though besides feeling wet, didn't really notice a change in how long the makeup stayed looking fresh. I can't really compare to any other products because this was my first purchase of setting spray and I didn't know what to expect out of it so I don't think it's fair to give it a bad review. I also didn't get to use it too many times because I somehow unscrewed the top a little and it all leaked out in my car. The price wasn't bad at all for the product. That's one of the many reasons why I love e.l.f. so much, because they have great products at reasonable prices. As a single mother I know the struggle of making a buck last and tend to feel guilty buying myself anything, yet not as much when I'm trying to look my best and can get a great deal.

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  • marielanr By  marielanr    

    Sometimes when I apply this setting spray I cannot really tell a difference right away. I really like that after a couple hours, my makeup still looks fresh. I wouldn't necessarily say it is a "must have", but it does work and I was able to tell a difference after a couple hours.

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  • justjoslyn By  justjoslyn    

    I love this setting spray. I use it in my make up routine every day, keeps my makeup from transferring and keeps it on longer through out the day.

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  • Amberangel By  Amberangel    

    Just awesome!Should be a high end product

    This is one of the better products that E.L.F. puts out and at a very reasonable price. I was not really expecting such awesome results from this. I do special effects makeup and I ended up buy 9 bottles of this for the month long season that we are open. I absolutely recommend this and really did not find the high end 3 that I had used before this to be any better. So, save money and buy this one!I actually poured this into the high end bottles simply because I did not want to throw the awesome bottles away from the pricier ones, and no one would have ever known the difference!

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  • Clarissa07 By  Clarissa07    


    Elf is such a great product with everything they sell and very affordable

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