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e.l.f. Cosmetics Makeup

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Quality This brand is affordable and just as quality as the luxury brand makeup in my opinion

Great value I use several E.L.F. products. They are good quality and very reasonably priced.

Very amazing I loveee e.l.f skincare and beauty! Affordable, amazing quality products!

E.l.f. Makeup Love the brushes. Love the quality. Especially love that these products are very affordable.

Affordable cosmetics and skin care I love E.L.F Cosmetics. Very affordable without diminishing the quality of the products. Right now some of my favorites from them are the Camo concealer, it has a bigger than average wand and it makes it really easy to apply. I also love the lip lacquer that is very moisturizing and long wearing. They frequently come out with products that I fall in love with. Because of the affordability I can try things that I have never used before. Definitely recommend the brand!

My Go-To Brand I always used to think that I had to spend a lot of money on my makeup products and that the more expensive, the better they were. Boy was I wrong. Not only does E.L.F products cost less, but many items are just better than those pricey brands. They last longer, look better, have so many options and they are cruelty free and vegan.

Great stuff! I love elf so much, it's one of my favorite brands to get all my makeup needs.

e.l.f. Takes Over Beauty Industry e.l.f. Cosmetics is one of the only one drugstore brand cosmetic companies that consistently is able to not only compete with prestige beauty products, but even surpass them at times. To top that, it?s vegan and cruelty-free, which is something that myself and so many others hold as a top priority. Many people love to talk about ELF products for their dupes, but in my opinion, how are they considered dupes if their products are longer lasting, higher quality, better ingredients, and are sold at a more affordable price? Below are a few of my favorite, stand out products, that will always stay in my rotation! One product that has to be mentioned is the Camo CC Cream. Unlike many high-end products or other drugstore competitors, they have a wider shade range, rather than 3 shades. Coverage is long-lasting and I?m talking work all day and then go out after work type of long lasting. On top of that it boasts, 30 SPF, collagen, and niacinamide, so your makeup routine is doubling as skincare. The 16hr Camo Concealer has replaced every concealer in my drawer. A $5 holy grail. Sorry, Tarte. It?s creamy, full coverage, and has the widest shade range to complete any task from under-eye brightening to color correcting to contouring. No one can go wrong with this product. My most recent discovery is the Power Grip Primer and I?ve been kicking myself for not trying it sooner. The translucent, hyaluronic acid, gel-based primer isn?t greasy and does exactly what the name states- grips your makeup to your skin. It doesn?t clog your pores and combined with cc cream and concealer, your skin will be flawless! If you?re looking to keep your brows in place and add a fluff to them, Wow Brow Gel is a great buy. With four shades to choose from, there?s one for everybody and you won?t have to worry about your eyebrows moving after setting them in place.

e.l.f review My favorite pharmacy brand is e.l.f. cosmetics that is both good and inexpensive. Some high-end products cost a lot of money for things that aren't even very nice. Every e.l.f. product is great, and several are even better than high-end products while being considerably less expensive.

One of my favorite makeup companies E.L.F is one of my all time favorite makeup companies. I love how affordable they are. You can try a few items without being afraid of breaking the bank. All of my eyeshadow brushes are made by E.L.F and I was able to get several brushes. Some of their eyeshadows can be hit or miss depending on what type of eyeshadow it is. Their primers are amazing and I love using them. There lips are really good and I love wearing their lipglosses. It's a great company and I love how affordable it is. You definitely can buy a full face of makeup for under $60 depending on what you buy. Definitely the company to check out.

I think elf is the best product so far ,it's of best quality and it's affordable

Average Makeup Brand E.l.f cosmetics has some good and bad products just like any other makeup brand. The quality of the products seems to match the price point and others seem to be a steal for a good payoff. The baked eyeshadows seem to be very pigmented and affordable for the consumer. I recently purchased a highlighter palette the other day and was not pleased with it at all due to the chalkiness of the product and it seemed to be more of a white shadow than highlighters. Some of the brushes are really good. Overall e.l.f has done a good job with their products.

Fabulous skin care and makeup! I am in love with e.l.f's cosmetics! They are super cheap yet work amazing! Every product I have ever tried has literally blown my mind! My favorite ever is the liquid highlighter! It gives you a nice natural glow They also offer skincare as well!

LOVE LOVE LOVE ELF! Such amazing products at such great prices! The packaging isn't anything fancy but the products are fantastic! Even the makeup brushes are my favorite! I use just about every product that they have out on the market!

I love e.l.f cosmetics. They make products that are quality but for a price I can afford without breaking the bank.