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  • Ashiah By  Ashiah    

    My 'go-to' for any look!!

    I give this elf liner 5 stars because it's very bold and last all day. The way it glides on so easy is almost calming. No running when applied or cracking once it's dried. It had a really thin brush tip to get precise lines and details. The price of this elf liquid liner is a great price of $2 at my Walmart, You can't beat that. I live it and I'm sure everyone else does too.

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  • TinaLee33 By  TinaLee33    

    Great item for the price

    Works great until it dries out..make sure it?s closed tight

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  • AshColeman9590 By  AshColeman9590    

    good liquid liner

    i love this liner. its pigmented and easy to use. it glides on smooth and stays in place all day.

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  • selene By  selene    

    freesamplewithout spending shipping cost

    freesample whit out spending shiping cost of black aye liner

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  • Ajnky83 By  Ajnky83    


    Great color has pop to it. Does not keep very well. Easy to apply a great beginner liner.

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  • Jbeard1987 By  Jbeard1987    

    Amazing value

    I used this for years! Easy to apply and super cheap!

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  • hartreb01 By  hartreb01    

    I personally have used this liquid eyeliner for a while. i liked using this eyeliner, it went on well. only issue i had with this eyeliner is it to forever to dry. i would blink and it would smear. as long as your careful while applying, you should have no issues! this liner worked really well for me and i enjoyed using it.

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  • Runsthedistance By  Runsthedistance    


    This a great eyeliner for cheap! It?s easy to use and doesn?t smudge.

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  • uniquenewyork By  uniquenewyork    

    A good eyeliner for the price

    This is a decent eyeliner, especially for the price. It has a very wet consistency, even for a liquid liner. This makes it easy to create very thin, precise lines but may be challenging for someone who is just learning. The brush is a good size but I noticed that sometimes, I have to trim my brush. I have bought multiple elf liners in various colors and sometimes the brush has one or two hairs that stick out to the side.

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  • MarilynGtz By  MarilynGtz    

    I have used the Elf liquid eyeliner a couple of times. It is not my favorite but it does the job. It is not waterproof. And it dries fast in the container.

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  • Jada2324 By  Jada2324    

    Good Product

    Can be messy but its doesn't cost a lot. Its a good product for people who don't know how to apply eyeliner and need something cheap enough to try.

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  • Jenopinion By  Jenopinion    

    Bold color when on AND when smeared under the eye

    Beautiful going on. However, it smeared like crazy. It all settled into my under eye and made me look like a skeleton.

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    not worth it.

    so not impressed with this item. the felt tip wasn't sharp, it soaked up more product then ever and when applying it to the eye, it just came as one big hot glop and you might have to use a qtip to clean off the excess liner that was left behind. it wasn't fast drying so those with double eye lids will suffer the smudging effect. and sadly i don't feel that this is even water proof. it just started getting everywhere within 2 hours of wearing it. i was greatly disappointed with this. i am kinda glad that it wasn't expensive. i will not be buying this ever again.

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  • Raabdebbie2019 By  Raabdebbie2019    

    Elf did it again!

    I love all my elf products but this eyeliner is everything! From the wand being easy to handle and the cute typical packaging. My favorite part is the lack of scent. It glideded on so smooth and was easy to control when I was touching up. For this price I?m stocking up and handing them out as gifts!

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  • moonlightkissed By  moonlightkissed    

    too messy

    The applicator on the E.L.F eyeliner and packaging are good. Unfortunately the formula of the liquid eye liner was runny and made it too messy to use. I wish it were thicker so it was easier to apply. Maybe I got a bad tube. I wouldn't try it again though.

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