e.l.f. Contour Palette

e.l.f. Contour Palette

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Want the Bronzed look without the price tag? Bronzer makes such a huge difference in your makeup routine. Bronzer can be kinda pricey and if your new to makeup you don't want to spend $20+ on a bronzer I have been using this ELF bronzer pallet for a few months and I am completely satisfied and will most likely keep this around and recommend to my friends who are new to beauty and makeup

E.L.F product never disappoint! They really have changed and I love this contour palette. I use it everyday and can not go without it. The size is just perfect not too small. And I love how the compact is sturdy I dropped it many times and doesn't crack.

I generally like E.L.F. product and have bought and loved a lot of their other product. I've been impressed by the high end products they produce at an affordable price. I bought this hoping it would be a good introductory palette for contouring and was attracted to it because it has "all you need" in one palette. However I quickly realized the highlights are more of the quality of a cheap powder foundation than a true highlighter and the contouring colors are too dark. Maybe im too amateur for this, but it seems to me in ordet to get the full affect you would need to purchase other products like primers, maybe a bronzer and/or concealer. Anyhow it is definitely not all you need and it comes off way too easily.

Good if you want it on for about an hour I was highly impressed this contour pallet is about as good as other pricey pallets. ELF defiantly has a good quality products! I was sad that the contour stayed on my fave for only a short time though. I have pretty oily skin and it just seemed to slide right off my face leaving it feel all gross

I like this palette! I bought it when I first decided to try contouring. I didn't want to buy anything more expensive until I knew I would use it. It's a great size, and it works great!

Perfect alternative for high end contour palettes Obsessed with this product. Perfect alternative for the high end contour palettes and it also affordable, which is killing two birds with one stone. The product is definitely the right amount of creamy, instantly fell in love with it and it is also improved my contouring game, before wasting time on a high end product.

Moving up As a makeup up artist I'm always trying out new products both high end and affordable so that I can offer my clients the best product based on their "Beauty budgets". e.l.f. Has been coming up great in the Beauty Industry lately and their contour palettes are actually pigmented, blendable, & color stays through the day. If you are looking for a less exspensive contour palette give them a try. Also I love the size of the palette it's perfect for travel or even your everyday makeup bag you carry on your purse.