bumGenius  4.0 One-Size Stay-Dry Cloth Diaper

bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Stay-Dry Cloth Diaper

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Great diaper for any size baby When my little one first came home for the hospital we tried different types of Cloth Diapers. BumGenius 4.0 are the best, they are so complact, with a great fit for every baby. Also, they grow with your child as they get bigger. What a fantastic product.

Awesome Cloth Diapers! I started cloth diapering with a diaper service and then bought a stash of these diapers when my oldest was 6 months old. I loved them! After the cloth diaper service's plain jane diapers, BumGenius diapers were awesome! They grew with my daughter - she wore them until she potty trained at age 2, when my second daughter was born and started wearing them. My second wore them until she was 18 months old and then they wore out. They were easy to use, easy to wash, and a great way to cloth diaper. :) I would recommend them to any mom.

Great diaper. This diaper is more for skinny babies, my baby with rolls was too big for the leg holes but the waist was super lose. My skinny son fits in them great even now at 2. I will say there is a lot of hype over this brand that I really have to say inst deserved. Yo u can feel higher quality material and snaps but as far as being a better diaper, I don't see how if it doesn't work for every baby body type.

We have used this brand of cloth diaper for almost 2.5 years and we still love them. Even though we paid a good amount for them up front, there is no telling how much money they have saved us. We bought them for our first child and are now able to still use them with the second- so it has been worth it. I would definitely recommend that you get the snaps so that they last longer- the velcro will wear out. The only downside that I have found compared to disposables is that they are pretty bulky when your baby is little.

These were my first All in One cloth diapers that I tried when I first made the switch to cloth diapering. After some trial and error with learning how to properly wash cloth diapers, I now have had a good experience using these. The inner layer folding flaps make the diaper easier to wash (urine soaks in but you can separate the various layers making sure to rinse everything out). They also dry easily and of course absorb well, which is everything one would want in a cloth diaper! Price is a bit steep, wish they were a bit more affordable and I would be able to purchase more of these. Currently own 2 Bum Genius All in One, and 12 other diapers of 2 different brands. My advice for washing would be to make sure you have soft water (hard water messes up cloth diapers making them not absorb any urine). We had to install a water softener in our home.

I honestly can't say enough good things about these cloth diapers. I have had no leaks and no rashes with them whatsoever. While getting use to a wash routine was hard at first, it's totally worth it to not have to buy disposables. I highly recommend these cloth diapers to anyone who wants to try their hand at cloth diapering.

Love these diapers. My favorite type of cloth diapers. Easy to use. Wish they were a little cheaper, but you get what you pay for!

Our favorite cloth diaper! Cost $17-$18 per diaper, well worth it. Made in the USA and Egypt. One size, adjusts with a panel of snaps. Pocket diaper that you stuff with a microfiber insert that comes with the product. Wash after each use. Inserts come out and can be washed/bleached separately for faster drying then an all-in-one diaper. I wish it came in more prints! I am slowly building a stockpile of these and hope to have enough to diaper 2 babies in a few months!

We tried these but I decided we liked other brands of cloth diapers better. They were great and didn't leak.

ai love bum genius diapers. I feel like they hold there elstic and realty leak. gret brand

We have been using cloth diapers for about 6 months now and BumGenius 4.0 were the first ones I tried and are still my favorite. We use the aplix ones since it allows for easier and more precise fit in the waist. The quality is wonderful as well as the customer service at cottonbabies.com. These diapers are on the more expensive side compared to many of the pocket diapers out there so that is why I gave 4 starts instead of 5 although I believe they are worth the money!

I love using cloth diapers. The bum genius system is really nice since the diapers will "grow" with your child. I have found that when my little lady sleeps on her side (which is her favorite position) that the diaper does not hold in her liquid as well as other diapers do. She is 11 weeks old so maybe as she grows this will improve. It is also sometimes difficult to stuff the diaper with the pads. However, I love cloth diapers and these are great at holding in poo, and fit snugly.

WE love our BG 4.0. I second the opinion to go with snaps.

One of my very least favorite cloth diaper brands,especially if you're choosing the velcro option. Their covers and inserts and obscenely thin and the velcro wears out terribly fast.

I knew I wanted to cloth diaper since I got pregnant, but undertaking it is still a bit intimidating at first. BG 4.0s have made it super easy though! I've tried several different brands of cloth diapers and these are by far my favorite. They are easy for my husband to use, super absorbent, and incredibly cute. I have quickly grown to love using cloth diapers - especially because my little one hasn't had diaper rash once since we started. I highly recommend BG's!!