HPV Vaccine, the first vaccine against cancer

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HPV Vaccine, the first vaccine against cancer
In 2006 the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine Gardasil was FDA approved for 9-26 year old girls and women in America. HPV is the most common STD in the US, it's known to cause cervical cancer in women and 3,700 deaths per year. The vaccine tested 'effective' against the particular HPV strains for genital warts and strains leading to cervical cancer. This is the first vaccine to prevent cancer.

So what's the debate? The immunization committee has recommended this vaccine for all 11 and 12 year old girls. It is the first female only vaccine, the first to target an STD and most importantly the first to protect against cancer. However, in some states the decision to mandate this vaccine has been unpopular, watch the video to learn more.

Do you think all states should mandate this vaccine? How young is too young? And do you believe girls will become promiscuous because of it?

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  • ctmeds By ctmeds

    I think this should be a CHOICE for sexually active girls. I believe its a positive step towards sexually transmitted diseases, but it should be reccomended not mandated.

  • amvan1 By amvan1

    It is great that the advances in medicine has made this vaccine possible.  But I strongly disagree with mandating this vaccine for all girls.  Basically what this mandate says is that promiscuity is a way of life and we'd better take the necessary precautions.  Promiscuity is NOT a way of life.  Just because it is so widely accepted does not make it okay.  My family believes in chastity before marriage.  We teach our children abstinence and what we believe are correct principles.  Granted they have their own choice in how they live their lives, but I believe that as we have laid the foundation for morality and values that they will follow those teachings into their adult years.  The vaccine should be available to those who want it, but it should not be mandated.


    I think this is a wonderful thing, and a topic and issue that needs addressing in the world we live in today.

  • bjlg By bjlg

    I agree that states can mandate vaccinations against easily communicable diseases to control public health, and I do not think that young girls getting the HPV vaccine will make them promiscuous. But I strongly object to state governments basically denying girls an education unless they get a vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease. Even with the "opt out," I find this stand appallingly intrusive.

  • nani0988 By nani0988

    I appreciate this information regarding HPV. This is a big topic that you are hearing a lot about on tv and the radio. It amazes me that women never knew about it. I think that 11 years old is a little young but maybe as they get older it can be a pre-requisite for high school or college. I do not think that young girls getting the vaccine will make them promiscuous. It is good to educate our youth!

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