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Causes We Care About

Causes We Care About

Step Up Women's Network is a national, nonprofit membership group that aims to strengthen community resources for women and girls. Step Up's mission is to Invest, Involve and Inspire.

One of Step Up's main goals is to train the next generation of female philanthropists. Step Up helps develop it's members personally and professionally, all while giving back to the community.

Step Up focuses on 4 areas that feature different ways for members to get involved.

1) Hands-on volunteer opportunities with underserved teen girls

2) Professional Mentorship & Development programs

3) Support women's health education & advocacy

4) Participate in dynamic social networking opportunities.

This organization is truly an amazing way for women to give back to her community while also developing friendships and expanding on her professional successes.

You may have read about Step Up in any number of magazines, including In Style and People Magazine. Jessica Alba is a big fan of this organization and loves their vision.

Interested in learning ways you can help or join this cause, please check out

Which organizations do you find inspiring?

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  • krystlelv By krystlelv

    I tried that web page and its not working ;/

  • Wendy924 By Wendy924

    I became inspired by a very little known disease and need for research and cure, the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund. This disease affects children and causes bone marrow failure. This is a very complex disease that only approximately 500 people in the US has. It is diagnosed,if diagnosed correctly , in childhood. The average life expectancy is 30. Most Doctors are unfamiliar with this disease so diagnosis is difficult. I became involved because my 23 year old sons 21 year old fiancee has Fanconi Anemia. She is currently in Boston at the children's hospital involved in a clinical trial for bone marrow replacement. Her and her family have inspired me by their strength and determination to continue fighting for a cure. She is my true inspiration to help find a cure for Fanconi Anemia. We need to spread the word and educate Doctors and the general public about this horrible disease and get more funding to find a cure to save my future daughter in law as well as her fellow 499 friends.

  • jmmsof74 By jmmsof74

    I work in the Breast and Cervical Cancer Project, we provide through a Government grant from the CDC, Mammograms, Pap, CBE and Pelvic exams to Women 40 and older who have no Insurance and are low income. This program has saved lives and that is very rewarding. Sad thing is the program is in danger because of the new insurance laws and so is my job.

  • lisa45764 By lisa45764

    I love helping stray puppies and kittens,we take them in give them a warm place to lay there heads we feed them and have them spayed and neutered .And there I love all the animal originations out there.

  • Tanya248 By Tanya248

    My cause is any charity that helps animals live a better life

  • Coreynme1998 By Coreynme1998

    I live in a small town in Illinois. I find it disheartening that we don't have many organizations for ladies and young girls in our area. Girl scouts is one organization that my dwughter and I do actively participate in.

  • punkinpoo39 By punkinpoo39

    AmeriCorps. I feel like they truly inspire women to be great. I know they help men too but I feel like with how they work with the community and get a true feeling they want to empower women.

  • Spartanluke By Spartanluke

    This is a nice organization. Does this include women from all areas and all means? I personally find the ASPCA, St. Judes, and To Write Love on Her Arms all amazing organizations

  • jennybenny By jennybenny

    I volunteer for a food bank we operate out of my church that feeds so many people. It is so disturbingly sad to see children who are hungry, and veterans who risked their lives for our country but don't even receive enough money to eat. It breaks my heart to see people starving.


    I follow Autism Speaks because I have a child who suffers from autism and the growing number of children being diagnosed each year is astounding. I also follow because my son was born with a condition called Craniosynostosis. This condition is not very well known, but can be dangerous if misdiagnosed.

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