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Causes We Care About

Causes We Care About

Step Up Women's Network is a national, nonprofit membership group that aims to strengthen community resources for women and girls. Step Up's mission is to Invest, Involve and Inspire.

One of Step Up's main goals is to train the next generation of female philanthropists. Step Up helps develop it's members personally and professionally, all while giving back to the community.

Step Up focuses on 4 areas that feature different ways for members to get involved.

1) Hands-on volunteer opportunities with underserved teen girls

2) Professional Mentorship & Development programs

3) Support women's health education & advocacy

4) Participate in dynamic social networking opportunities.

This organization is truly an amazing way for women to give back to her community while also developing friendships and expanding on her professional successes.

You may have read about Step Up in any number of magazines, including In Style and People Magazine. Jessica Alba is a big fan of this organization and loves their vision.

Interested in learning ways you can help or join this cause, please check out

Which organizations do you find inspiring?

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  • creativeblogmom By creativeblogmom

    Her Song, Rethreaded, St. Judes, Make a Wish, JDRF, Wounded Warrior. I am the VP of Helping Hands of Nocatee, Inc, a community organization which supports other larger 501c3 organizations with fundraisers, volunteering, food/goods collections, and public relations. We emphasize the importance of family/child involvement.

  • grannyb328 By grannyb328

    I personally contribute to our local community food bank. My husband pastors a church and our church sponsors this food bank. We help a lot of underprivileged people in our neighborhood with food and clothing. We recently held a coat drive and collected over 200 coats. Helping others is always a blessing.

  • bjjjmom4 By bjjjmom4

    I am a supporter of St. Judes Hospital and Autism Speaks

  • ling333 By ling333

    I like the cancer issues.

  • travelswithtam By travelswithtam

    I am involved with conservation issues, mostly ocean and marine related. Volunteer tourism, citizen science, and scuba diving are my main interests. I am passionate about protecting our ocean and ocean species so humans can continue to survive!

  • Familymatters By Familymatters

    Make A Wish foundation is really inspiring to me and Ive been blessed to help them grant some childrens wishes and it is simply amazing.

  • dyedblonde By dyedblonde

    I loved which was a place for advocacy and peer support for female veterans who had experienced sexual trauma while in service. The founder has retired and I have yet to find a replacement group. Perhaps because there are men who are also sexually assaulted in the military. They complain about being left out, although fail to acknowledge that since most sexual assailants are male, many women do not want to share a cause like this with them.

  • jo8207 By jo8207

    Feeding America

  • TamJu46 By TamJu46

    I am currently involved with Butterfly Kisses and Wishes. Children/ Adults can make a wish for something that would like to have (stickers, toy, pens, stationery, ) Many in the group are low income, so anything basically that may cheer someone up in this hard economical world.. I have read several members organization's and they are truly worthwhile.

  • khatkiyu By khatkiyu

    No comments

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