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Causes We Care About

Causes We Care About

Step Up Women's Network is a national, nonprofit membership group that aims to strengthen community resources for women and girls. Step Up's mission is to Invest, Involve and Inspire.

One of Step Up's main goals is to train the next generation of female philanthropists. Step Up helps develop it's members personally and professionally, all while giving back to the community.

Step Up focuses on 4 areas that feature different ways for members to get involved.

1) Hands-on volunteer opportunities with underserved teen girls

2) Professional Mentorship & Development programs

3) Support women's health education & advocacy

4) Participate in dynamic social networking opportunities.

This organization is truly an amazing way for women to give back to her community while also developing friendships and expanding on her professional successes.

You may have read about Step Up in any number of magazines, including In Style and People Magazine. Jessica Alba is a big fan of this organization and loves their vision.

Interested in learning ways you can help or join this cause, please check out

Which organizations do you find inspiring?

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  • alwayshasastraw By alwayshasastraw

    The Eating Disorders Coalition, animal rescue, rehab, rehome, CASA

  • GrOkRo By GrOkRo

    i live in a small town and in some instances the organizations not only seem to be more concentrated and they have less of a wait, but as far as national organizations that bring awareness for certain issues we are severely lacking.

  • pamom2 By pamom2

    We are huge supports of Easter Seals and Autism Awareness. It hits us close to home, we have 2 children that get support from Easter Seals and are autistic. The resources in our town are AWESOME We also are big couponers, and donate twice yearly 2/3 of our stockpile.

  • browneyedgir1 By browneyedgir1

    I find it inspiring just that you are doing this, there are so many things that are important to me its so hard to just pick one, however if I had to pick I would say helping people learn about mental illness such as sociopaths and psychopaths as they can seem so normal and being sucked into their lives can nearly ruin your own.

  • eblnyc By eblnyc

    there need to be more programs like this for young women..

  • Kimberlybutmom By Kimberlybutmom

    I have not been actively involved in many causes, although I would love to be. I do support To Write Love on Her Arms, as well as sending care packages to Soldiers overseas.

  • lickysplitnik By lickysplitnik

    I love the action towards undeserved teen girls are a lot of girls out there becoming pregnant that are only 12 to 15 years old these babies can't be having babies and they don't they need the help

  • StacyRenee By StacyRenee

    I love supporting causes for women and children. I have been involved in supporting Domestic Violence awareness , mentoring for pregnant teens, and now my latest is bringing awareness to the foods we eat. Our children are starting puberty at an earlier age due to the toxins in our foods, and cleaning's creating a synthetic estrogen called xenoestrogens, therefore resulting in little girls developing breasts and starting periods at a young age, boys going through puberty earlier, men developing breasts, and women going through pre-menopause in their early 20's.

  • saleago By saleago

    I used to work as a Developmental Aide for individuals with mental disabilities. I left after 13 years and stay home with my son who is in the Autism Spectrum. Well that was almost 9 years ago, he is 17 almost 18 now. Time goes so fast. Too many people are afraid of what they don't understand. They should educate themselves more.

  • rocksue77 By rocksue77

    Ronald McDonald House has had my heart for 30 years. My now sister-law needed a bone marrow transplant. Back then few Hospitals around had the level of skill and knowledge to perform such a procedure. She was given a 1 in 4 chance. She had to go to New York City and was there for four months. The family would have never been able to support her if it was not for being able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House.

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