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Causes We Care About

Causes We Care About

Step Up Women's Network is a national, nonprofit membership group that aims to strengthen community resources for women and girls. Step Up's mission is to Invest, Involve and Inspire.

One of Step Up's main goals is to train the next generation of female philanthropists. Step Up helps develop it's members personally and professionally, all while giving back to the community.

Step Up focuses on 4 areas that feature different ways for members to get involved.

1) Hands-on volunteer opportunities with underserved teen girls

2) Professional Mentorship & Development programs

3) Support women's health education & advocacy

4) Participate in dynamic social networking opportunities.

This organization is truly an amazing way for women to give back to her community while also developing friendships and expanding on her professional successes.

You may have read about Step Up in any number of magazines, including In Style and People Magazine. Jessica Alba is a big fan of this organization and loves their vision.

Interested in learning ways you can help or join this cause, please check out

Which organizations do you find inspiring?

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  • Tdelaney1992 By Tdelaney1992

    I want to help fellow recovering addicts. With things like helping those that have lost custody of their children and are now clean to get their children back(Right now in my county and surrounding counties you must pay a lawyer to even ask for a court date), getting stable SOBER housing where you can have your children at, getting to and from meetings. I would also like to see some thing done for people with the rare disease of Hemangioma and Vascular Malformation. Theres not enough known about. And they need to know more to help more. But i have no clue how to start either one of these things.

  • pmpyzia46 By pmpyzia46

    The causes i are about near my city in NW Indiana are the local food pantries.. I was a member of them years ago and now as i am back to work.. i donate personal care items to baby items when i can.. I believe we all help out each other in time of need.. Plus i run 2 helper groups in NW Indiana.. those keep me busy too

  • Smashley90 By Smashley90

    Reverse Rett and are the organizations I participate in gor my son

  • Pixxiestyxx By Pixxiestyxx

    I would like to see more programs for teen mothers to help them keep thier children and still get an education. So many drop out of school and go on welfare or give up their child because they dont think they can properly take care of it. Foster homes are bulging at the seams with children. If we could help young moms stay in school and be able to take care of their child. More girls would have the opportunity to finish school. Young fathers as well.

  • HisCrazyCatLady By HisCrazyCatLady

    I feel strongly about women?s health and education advocacy. Every female should have easy access to reproductive care, whether it be birth control, std screening, feminine products, preventative care, options counseling and the option to make HER own decision regarding abortion.

  • Mollyflower By Mollyflower

    I think this is a fantastic program. Inspiring young women to see their inner self worth and talents is so necessary so they can have confidence and knowledge that they can dream big. We are still in the kind of society where young girls see ads everywhere where looks and body image is so important. It has changed a lot since I was a teen but it still is there. Hopefully in my lifetime that stigma can be broken. Step up is a great place to start breaking it

  • Catlover76 By Catlover76

    I always appreciate helping others have been an animal rescuer for years

  • Slfrank By Slfrank

    Mother of 3, my two oldest were diagnosed with one having adhd, an the other ADD and ODD (defiance disorder) it has been a struggle to find resources and help for my son who has ODD and ADD wish there was more awareness for ODD.

  • Oki2cali By Oki2cali

    Organizations that help women deal and handle life after traumatic events have happened to them are what I find the most inspiring . Due to my personal experience with sexual assault those Organizations and groups that help women deal with the after effects of a sexual assault or rape are heavy on my heart . I feel the need to be a sort of advocate or influencer to helping women if they have gone through something like that.


    I support The American Kidney Fund. They use the donations that they receive to help pay the insurance premiums for kidney patients. This organization is dear to my heart as my Mom was a kidney patient(had kidney disease) for 40 years, and for the last 15 covered her insurance premiums while she was on dialysis, something she would not have been able to do on her own.

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