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Causes We Care About

Causes We Care About

Step Up Women's Network is a national, nonprofit membership group that aims to strengthen community resources for women and girls. Step Up's mission is to Invest, Involve and Inspire.

One of Step Up's main goals is to train the next generation of female philanthropists. Step Up helps develop it's members personally and professionally, all while giving back to the community.

Step Up focuses on 4 areas that feature different ways for members to get involved.

1) Hands-on volunteer opportunities with underserved teen girls

2) Professional Mentorship & Development programs

3) Support women's health education & advocacy

4) Participate in dynamic social networking opportunities.

This organization is truly an amazing way for women to give back to her community while also developing friendships and expanding on her professional successes.

You may have read about Step Up in any number of magazines, including In Style and People Magazine. Jessica Alba is a big fan of this organization and loves their vision.

Interested in learning ways you can help or join this cause, please check out

Which organizations do you find inspiring?

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  • glynndaj By glynndaj

    Cancer issues

    Scouting with economically challenged girls

    My charity which is OK4CK / Oklahomans for Cancer Kids; I collect new caps for pediatric cancer patients. I started very quietly and rather small but it is starting to rumble like an avalanche.

  • alisanna By alisanna

    Cure Autism Now is an organization to not only help raise awareness for kids like my 10 year old autistic son but also to help find a cure!  They have annual walks and sell different products to give to the organization

  • the_flirt82 By the_flirt82

    I am in the process of starting a group called Quilts For Love. It is to provide homemade quilts for under-privilaged families who can't afford to buy quilts and blankets for themselves or their children. It is still in the beginning phases but i feel it is something that is truly needed.

  • coronado By coronado

    As a parent of a teenage mother, I am dismayed at the lack of community resources for young single moms. They require so much help, and the county/state assistance programs that are out there are minimal,invasive and demeaning.In our small town teen pregnancy and parenting is an epidemic that no one is dealing with.

  • fisfall By fisfall

    Coronado says" I am dismayed by the lack of community resources for young single moms" The answer is to vote more women into office. Men are concerned with male issues. You need women who understand female issues without the double standard and shame tactics used to control women. Women must look out for each other

  • judece By judece

    Heart disease takes more woman and mothers than any other disease. I am curious how can we get the same attention that breast cancer receives. Who can we contact to help educate everyone to the severity of this horid killer-so many times you truly do not know what hit you..

  • XquisiteBeauty1 By XquisiteBeauty1

    I agree with Coronado and Fisfall. There lacks so much information and resources for teen mothers. I don't know what city they are from but I'm from Philadelphia and teen pregnancy is so out of control. I think there are more teen moms than adult moms. I have a daughter who became a mom at a young age. She had just turned 20 when her son was born. Luckily for her myself and her family was very supportive. In addition to her family the baby's father and his family was very supportive. Being young and having the baby's father so involved is a rarity. I have always wanted to start an organization to help teen moms, teen pregnancy and teen pregnancy prevention. I just don't know how or where to begin. I also wanted to buy a house to house teen moms who are pregnancy and don't have anywhere to live because there parents put them on the streets. I too was a teen mom!

  • toriphilly By toriphilly

    My 2 huge causes I support are 'to write love on her arms' and autism awareness.

  • BargainAddict By BargainAddict

    I love and support all of the causes you wonderful women have mentioned. Near and dear to my heart is Methamphetamine has become an epidemic with our youth and NO not the "Big Cities"!! I'm talking rural Wi, IA, Ohio, ND, SD, etc. All throught the midwest is being hit hard as well as the east and west coast but the midwest seems to be taking a big hit. Towns of population 600 - epedemic! Before becoming disabled this was part of what I did and so please check the site out. Thanks. Sorry about the spelling - LOL!

  • JanMErickson By JanMErickson

    I am involved with NAMI- National Alliance of Mental Illness. It's so important to understand mental illness, especially in today's world. It's also important to spread awareness for a cause that effects so many individuals. Many of these people are people who you already know personally, and who struggle every single day without your knowledge.

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