Spring Cleaning Tips for a Fresh Start in the New Season

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 05, 2024

Have you kicked off your spring cleaning yet? There’s no better time than spring to embrace the opportunity for a fresh start in your living space. Spring cleaning isn’t just about dusting off surfaces and tidying up—it’s a chance to breathe new life into your home so you can unwind, recharge and embrace the beauty of the season.

Ready to roll up your sleeves, open the windows, let in the fresh air and start cleaning? Keep reading to learn our favorite tips and products for spring cleaning.

Get motivated to clean (#cleantok, anyone?)

Finding the motivation to start cleaning can sometimes be the biggest hurdle, but with trends like #cleantok on social media, there’s no shortage of inspiration to be found. Whether you’re looking for cleaning hacks, checklists, organization tips or just some motivation to get started, social media is a hub for spring cleaning ideas and inspo.

Stock up on cleaning products

Having the right tools and products can make all the difference when it comes to tackling spring cleaning tasks (and it can also make cleaning more fun!). Stock up on essentials like microfiber cleaning cloths, Swedish dishcloths, biodegradable kitchen sponges, and bamboo dish brushes to make cleaning more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Give your space a deep clean

A deep clean is essential to spring cleaning. During this step, pay special attention to neglected areas that accumulate dirt and grime over time, like baseboards, window sills and door frames. Scrub down kitchen cabinets and appliances, including the oven and refrigerator. In the bathroom, tackle soap scum and grout buildup in showers and tubs. Remember to launder curtains, linens and throw blankets to remove dust and odors, and vacuum and spot clean upholstery to refresh sofas and chairs.

Create a sanctuary

After your deep clean, consider adding decor like plants, cozy blankets and soothing, spring-themed scents to create a calming atmosphere. Don’t forget your outdoor environment—prepare a garden or potted plants to take full advantage of the warmer months.

Digital detox

Just as our physical spaces can become cluttered, so too can our digital lives. Spring clean your digital devices by organizing files and deleting unused apps. Consider setting boundaries for screen time to prioritize real-life connections and experiences this spring so you can make the most of the season.

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ShyBerry by ShyBerry | ARLINGTON, TX
Apr 21, 2024

As a house maid for a living, being motivated to clean even my own space can be a challenge when it?s a deep clean. One recommendation that helps with two tips in this blog is, change up the look! You don?t need to buy new things to make a difference either if money is tight. Picture rearranging your space and try moving one item. Once you start that, BAM! You will most likely become motivated and won?t want to stop until you?ve finished the new look. This helps with also cleaning the areas you don?t normally do on a day to day basis.

ciciannp by ciciannp | Unsubscribe, OH
Apr 16, 2024

spring cleaning is a new season to purge. It's one of my favorite pastimes.

asmarme by asmarme | AlHisn, OU
Apr 08, 2024

Motivated to clean!

asmarme by asmarme | AlHisn, OU
Apr 08, 2024

Motivated to clean!

AnsahM by AnsahM | FORT WORTH, TX
Apr 02, 2024

Yessss , was waiting for this Spring cleaning!! Especially, switching wardrobes from Fall to Spring/Summer. A lot of rearranging going on and it's a mess but hopefully it is a great start to Spring with Good Clean Vibes!

Mar 28, 2024

Bug Juice iam in love with..hard water stain remover ,I use it at work ,home, and on my car..results are amazing. I love to clean!

kuchick by kuchick | Abilene, KS
Mar 25, 2024

I am a teacher spring is my most busy time. I am waiting until June to start!

paisley123 by paisley123 | Atlanta, GA
Mar 25, 2024


Rmjacque by Rmjacque | KNOXVILLE, TN
Mar 25, 2024

I have zero entries as it tells me, but then I have a big black box with a 0 w/line through it that says, "Sorry, you have too many entries, try again later." I just joined and this isn't a very good start, especially since I came to this page because it told me I should leave comments as this space, "looks a little empty". 🤷‍♀️

Ajgood008 by Ajgood008 | LITTLETON, NH
Mar 25, 2024

I find it best when spring cleaning to start with decluttering! I also do small tasks each day otherwise I may give up haha!

Ajgood008 by Ajgood008 | LITTLETON, NH
Mar 25, 2024

I find it best when spring cleaning to start with decluttering! I also do small tasks each day otherwise I may give up haha!

FurBabies by FurBabies | WYOMING, DE
Mar 23, 2024

I am doing spring cleaning by moving from one house to another this year! Going to be cleaning the house I?m in and the new house! Love natural products!

Delphinium54 by Delphinium54 | Slippery Rock, PA
Mar 23, 2024

I honestly don't do any kind of spring cleaning! But it's fun to read about what I should be doing ...

SaraStrtoh by SaraStrtoh | WEIRTON, WV
Mar 19, 2024

Already began... Murphy's oil soap and clutter be gone. Now time for some fresh paint ass well!

keelz23 by keelz23 | Lawrence, KS
Mar 19, 2024

I'm very excited for spring cleaning!