Spice Up Your Sandwiches with Ball Park Buns & Takis

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 09.10.21
Spice Up Your Sandwiches with Ball Park Buns & Takis
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Bring some flavor and crunch to your next meal by adding Takis to your favorite sandwiches served on Ball Park Buns.  Everyone can agree, Ball Park Buns are perfect for all those grilled favorites, like hot dogs and hamburgers, but you can also get creative and #SpiceUpBallPark by adding Takis.

Keep reading to see how you can enter to win a $50 Walmart Gift Card to stock up and try out your favorite ideas. 

Takis Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Everyone loves a good chicken sandwich and this one brings the spice with a Takis breading, served on a perfect Ball Park Hamburger Bun. 


Takis Cheesesteak 

Reinvent the cheesesteak with a kick of flavor and crunch! Follow this easy recipe for an easy step-by-step from @noflakelysalt. 


##ad Get out there, find ways to combine your favorite ingredients, and have fun! ##spiceupballpark ##ballparkbuns ##takis ##cheesesteak  @walmart

♬ original sound - Roice Bethel

Spicy Chicken Salad Sandwiches 
In this recipe, @tamaracamera shares with us how to add some kick to chicken salad. Served with cole slaw on a Ball Park Bun, it's the perfect combination. 

How would you combine Ball Park Buns & Takis, or which of these recipes would you most like to try? 

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  • A $50 Walmart Gift Card 
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  • wwelch By wwelch

    My favorite, grilled hot dogs, with the Takis!  Sound perfect!!

  • Blair199120 By Blair199120

    Takis are so spicy and delicious! 

  • vickimarie2002 By vickimarie2002

    I don't like super spicy things but my daughter loves Takis! I'd love to try the Chicken Salad sandwiches though!

  • lisahillberg By lisahillberg

    I like spicy tacos...I'd use the takin as a garnish on top of Mexican Corn.

  • alison333 By alison333

    I'd eat a hotdog on the hotdog bun and some guacamole with the chips. Keep it classic!

  • monkey7 By monkey7

    I would like to try the chicken sandwich or coat a veggie burger with them.

  • klassic By klassic

    I like spicy wings. I would use crushed up Takis on corn in the cob.

  • ahzamar By ahzamar

    Takis on a ball park bun crushed on top sounds hot and spicy and yummy!

  • kimcres By kimcres

    My teens would be all over this. They are Taki fans.

  • diharpie By diharpie

    I would use them as a side, or even crumbled over a salad. 

  • kasseaside By kasseaside


  • Hywelda9 By Hywelda9

    nice and spicy and tasty!

  • iwishiwasaswan By iwishiwasaswan

    Spicy Chicken Salad Sandwiches sounds amazing!

  • piggysuperchi By piggysuperchi

    I love spicy curry!

  • beaniebaby70 By beaniebaby70

    I love spicy dip like salsa

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