#SheSpeaksReviews: Kitchen Appliances! Enter to win an Airfryer ($300 sugg. price) & $50 Gift Cards

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 04.07.21
#SheSpeaksReviews: Kitchen Appliances! Enter to win an Airfryer ($300 sugg. price) & $50 Gift Cards
Exciting News: We're thrilled to announce a BONUS #SheSpeaksReviews Giveaway!

You can now win a Phillips Essential Airfryer XL (sugg. price $300)! To enter, write three or more Kitchen Appliance reviews HERE in April.

Two additional winners will win a $50 gift card to the store of their choice!

The Philips Essential Airfryer XL uses hot air to cook your favorite foods to crispy perfection, with up to 90% less fat.

Use it to fry, bake, grill, roast and even reheat your favorite foods. Plus, it's large enough to cook five servings at once!

Don't delay - this giveaway ends on Friday, April 30.

Write a Product Review here for each kitchen appliance you own.

  • For each review you write in April, you'll be entered to win 1 of 2 $50 Gift Cards to the store of your choice.

  • Write three reviews and you'll be entered to win a Philips Airfryer XL (sugg. price $300)!

The more products you review, the more chances you have to win.

Here's how it works:

  1. Think about all of the kitchen appliances you own. Click here for ideas!
  2. All throughout April, write reviews of your kitchen appliances HERE. (Kitchen Appliances go in the Home & Garden section of Product Reviews.)
  3. Two participants will each win a $50 gift card to purchase a new kitchen appliance (or whatever else they prefer!). BONUS: One participant who writes at least three reviews will win the Philips Airfryer XL (reviews previously written in April will count toward this bonus)!
When you look around your kitchen, how many appliances do you see? It's not just your fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher. 

What do you use to make drinks? Coffee maker, electric tea kettle, sparkling water & soda maker, coffee grinder, juicer, milk frother, espresso machine...

What do you use for everyday cooking? Airfryer, instapot, rice cooker, blender, toaster, toaster oven, slow cooker, food processor, pressure cooker...

What do you use to make cooking more fun? Bread maker, stand mixer, indoor grill, waffle maker, pasta maker, ice cream maker, panini press, popcorn popper...

Let others know about all of the kitchen appliances that help make your life easier!

For directions on how to write a SheSpeaks Product Review in just a few easy steps, click here.

Questions? Email info@shespeaks.com. We'd be happy to help!

*Two lucky contestants will be chosen at random to receive a $50 gift card to the store of their choice, as long as the gift card can be easily purchased online. One lucky contestant will be chosen at random to receive a Philips Airfryer Essential Collection XL.. Giveaway is open through April 30, 2020 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

Update: Thanks to all who entered. Congrats to the winners: Shycat45, wenrom31 and MMWW2021!

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  • Brandywww By Brandywww

    My crockpot, I want to do more cooking and would love an air fryer.

  • peter26 By peter26

    Slow cooker - there's nothing like coming home to dinner already made and waiting to be eaten.

  • Archie By Archie

    My stand mixer is mt favorite!

  • Nblackburn By Nblackburn

    I love my crockpot!

  • P123456 By P123456

    My air fryer, it is easy to use. 

  • littleneko By littleneko

    Love my air fryer and stand mixer.

  • seafisher301 By seafisher301

    My favorite would be my stand mixer. I can let it run while I go get the other ingredients to add.

  • KMelted By KMelted

    I really really want (need) a large air fryer!  I absolutely LOVE fried food and my cholestrol will thank me!

  • skiboop23 By skiboop23

    Don't have a favorite but I sure miss what breaks! Currently 4 appliances broke almost same time & sadly 4 more on fritz. Trying to figure out what I need or want to replace most.  Dreaming of day 3 multi purpose appliances to do everything or access to the Jetsons Rosie robot!   LOL

  • gparker8 By gparker8

    I love my Ninja 3 pc. Food prep blender. 3 different sizes of blenders, it's great for food prep.

  • aussiethumper By aussiethumper

    Air fryer
    toaster oven

  • divingchar By divingchar

    My vitamix. Use it at least twice a day. 

  • lisahillberg By lisahillberg

    I don't have a favorite yet.

  • tweedy By tweedy

    My ninja blender

  • vspeaks By vspeaks

    My favorite appliance is my Dash Air Fryer.

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