Make The Big Game Feel Like a Party. Win a $75 Gift Card to Celebrate! #SheSpeaksBigGameParty

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 01.27.21
Make The Big Game Feel Like a Party. Win a $75 Gift Card to Celebrate! #SheSpeaksBigGameParty
It's 2021 and we're in the mood for a party! Turns out, there are still lots of fun ways to make the Big Game feel like a celebration, even if you're watching from home.

Check out our favorite ideas for making this year's Big Game something to look forward to. Plus, enter to win a $75 Visa Gift Card!

Festive Food

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Best thing about a smaller party? More snacks for you! We recommend prepping several of your favorites and bringing out a new dish or two each quarter. Click here for lots of ideas to design your menu. Or try these dishes that we'll be eating while watching:

Horseradish Cheesy Footballs: They're mini-cheese balls shaped like footballs. Rolled in bacon. Need we say more? Get the recipe from SheSpeaks member StrawberryBlondieKitchen here

Quesadillas: Quesadillas are our favorite because they're so quick to make, and each person can put in whatever ingredients they like. We love these BBQ Chicken & Bacon Quesadillas from BSugarMama, but feel free to customize.

Football Pie Cookie Cups: Of course you need dessert. Check out these cookie cups from TheKitchenPrep, which are a mashup of a cookie and a pie, decorated to look like a football. Delicious and adorable.

Play Your Own Games

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At-home betting is our favorite way to have something to root for, especially if you don't feel strongly about the teams playing in the actual game. Plus, many of these games can be played with people in your home, or with friends & family who aren't physically present.

Fun bets: Before the game starts, make a list of questions. Then have everyone write down their guess of what the answer will be. When someone gets a question right, they win a treat, such as an M&M, a jelly bean, or a point that adds up to a big prize at the end. For example, Will the coin toss land on heads or tails? How many car commercials will air in the first half? What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach? Feel free to be creative!
Squares: If you're not a regular football fan, or even if you are, Super Bowl Squares (or Boxes) are a great game to play with friends because the winner is totally random. For instructions on how to play, check out this post from We love that everyone has the same chance to win.

Bingo: Make a bingo board of all of the things you think you might see at the game. Whoever finds everything on their board first wins. Ideas to search for include celebrities, commercials with a talking animal, missed field goals. There're are so many options!

Don't Forget to Decorate

Want to make your viewing party feel more like a party? Make sure to set the scene. You can buy decorations from the store or find cute printables. 

Decorate in your team colors: If you have a favorite team (even if that team isn't playing!), color-coordinate. Make sure all of your supplies, and even some of the drinks or food are that color too.

Football and fields: Footballs are super easy to make out of paper. Cut some out and use them as placemats for the food, or hang them up as decorations. You can buy a tablecloth that looks like a field, or you can buy a green one and draw lines on it to represent the yard lines. It doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to be fun. If you have a helmet, whistles or footballs, use them as a centerpiece.

Label: We love how the Big Game drink is labeled as Playbook Punch in the video above. For a pre-game activity, see what you and your family can think of. Field Goal Fries? Touchdown Turkey Wraps? Winning Wings? Is it silly? Yes. But will it put everyone in a fun mood for the game? Definitely.

How are you celebrating the Big Game - or any other event - at home this year? Enter to win a $75 Visa gift card!

#SheSpeaksParty Giveaway *One person will be chosen at random to receive a $75 Visa gift card. Giveaway is open through February 14, 2021 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

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  • dreas07 By dreas07

    We have a family tradition - Super Dip Sunday!  We make a bunch of different dips and watch the game.

  • kvskrzat By kvskrzat

    Staying home with my husband and son.

  • Sammie33 By Sammie33

    Staying home

  • GiveItAWhirlGirl By GiveItAWhirlGirl

    staying home this year

  • rychepet By rychepet

    I will be making food and watching the super bowl with my hubby 

  • derekj1722 By derekj1722

    I'm watching the big game at home this year with friends and pizza!

  • indiana_girl By indiana_girl

    Not sure if I will be at my home or my boyfriend's home.  But I will be snacking

  • susitravl By susitravl

    Super Bowl Party for One Quarantiner! Cheese Ball, Mixed Nuts, Reese's Temptations, Hot Wings and my Mahomes Hoodie!!

  • ooster1 By ooster1

    Sounds like a lot of fun ideas if you have family around to watch the game with

  • pega1975 By pega1975

    With our current pandemic it will be a small but bountiful with appetizers and drinks!

  • kugrad2005 By kugrad2005

    We are having our own party at home to celebrate!

  • mdpope By mdpope

    Thanks to the pandemic we are celebrating anything & everything at home.  We love making themed food for a family movie night!

  • ambrai101 By ambrai101

    Not watching 

  • susan1199 By susan1199

    I think these are excellent ideas and will help to bring people together during the game, and after the game. Even if it has to be over FaceTime or Zoom (because of the pandemic), it would still help to unite people and help them to have fun. Love this!

  • Katypugz By Katypugz

    Watching at home with the family 

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