Last Minute Father's Day Ideas

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 06.18.20
Last Minute Father's Day Ideas
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Don't forget about Father's Day in June! There's still plenty of time to make the day extra special for every dad in your life, regardless of whether you'll be with them in person, or seeing them through a screen. 

Check out these last minute Father's Day ideas and tell us what a dad in your life would love!


Making your own gift doesn't have to mean you'll be glueing macaroni to a picture frame. It can be a lot less messy and a lot more sophisticated.

Infused liquor is an easy project that can help you create fun and interesting cocktails. Think about what ingredients your favorite dad would enjoy, like bacon-infused vodka, cinnamon-serrano tequila,  apple-pear gin or a cocoa-infused rye whiskey. Then click here for instructions.

If you need a gift that's more kid-friendly, put together a box of your special someone's favorite treats and/or drinks. Your children can help you decorate the box, then label it with "Hands off! Just for Dad!" He'll feel extra special for days.

We love printable wall art that shows the dad in your life how you feel. Just head to Etsy and search for Father Quotes. Find one that you love, or write your own. Then download it and frame it. An easy DIY that looks professional.


Who doesn't love a gift that lasts all year? There are plenty of subscription boxes you can order. Customize the number of months or the various items that will be sent so that it can fit a variety of budgets.

Our favorites? Beer Month Club for microbrews or specialty beers, Scentbird for fragrances, skincare, makeup, and wellness products, and Cratejoy, which offers a variety of boxes, from grilling to games.

Activites for Dad

If you're looking for something to gift that's an activity, or something to do on the big day, there are so many options.

Since most movie theaters aren't open right now, at-home movies are the perfect gift. Just buy a movie projector and screen - or use a large white sheet instead. Then pop some popcorn and you'll have the perfect night out in your backyard - or head to the basement for a fun night in.

Put together a blind taste test of whatever your favorite dad likes to eat or drink, like chocolate, cheese or bourbon. Try it with just your family, or tell friends to buy the same ingredients so you can compare notes.

For an experience that can't be beat, check out Masterclass, where you can gift incredible lessons from the best. Learn basketball from Stephen Curry, filmmaking from Spike Lee or cooking from Gordon Ramsey. Gift a subscription and you can listen in too!

If your dad always wanted to learn the guitar, or improve his skills, gift him the chance now. With JamPlay, he can learn either acoustic or electric guitar from solo artists and world-class instructors. For more info and options for online guitar lessons, click here.

What gifts would a dad in your life love? Tell us below!

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  • fairydancer35 By fairydancer35

    my dad would love that grilling subscription box!  Thanks for the chance  

  • brigarn2010 By brigarn2010

    He would love a boat, but i would love him to have the time for it first.

  • snowlark2 By snowlark2

    I think that Grill Masters Club would be great.

  • Erikabb8 By Erikabb8

    Any bourbon or grilling products! 

  • miriama59 By miriama59

    He would want a new mattress. He's in a lot of pain and we think a new mattress would help.

  • rkieda By rkieda

    My husband would enjoy a gift of the month.

  • littleneko By littleneko

    My grandfather would like a grill pack.

  • Nicolemargrif77 By Nicolemargrif77

    he would love  baseball bat

  • grr0510 By grr0510

    DH would like his wine fridge refilled

  • Mousie1 By Mousie1

    He'd like the grill sub box

  • Mousie1 By Mousie1

    My dad wants fishing stuff lol

  • MV0411 By MV0411

    He'd love a new grill!

  • catnip1222 By catnip1222

    My husband wants a subscription to the Disney+ streaming service.

  • Amazonwoman33 By Amazonwoman33

    A fishing trip, new golf clubs, or gym equipment to make an at-home gym.

  • wigget By wigget

    he'd enjoy golf lessons

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