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Coronavirus Survey: We heard what you had to say!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 05.21.20
Coronavirus Survey: We heard what you had to say!
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Thanks to everyone who has taken our Coronavirus Surveys over the last two months. We really value your thoughtful opinions. Last week, we presented all of the key findings at a webinar for marketing community executives. It really made a difference.

Check out below to see what SheSpeaks members had to say in our most recent Coronovairus surveys. Do you agree with these results? Comment below to let us know!

How are you spending your time? What do you miss the most? Will you go into businesses and stores that reopen?

Comment below to tell us more!

*Note: SheSpeaks survey was fielded online on May 1-5, 2020. 1,458 women 18+ respondents completed the survey.

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  • RachP03 By RachP03

    I agree! We have definitely been cooking at home more.

  • allysmama By allysmama

    I am gardening more and cooking every meal!  I miss an occasional dinner out the most.  I will go back to shopping, but I will wait a while!

  • mich61 By mich61

    I am spending my time at home with my man and my dog. I miss working. But I'll be back to work soon. It's been good. I will not go to restaurants or do much shopping yet. I can't afford to anyway with this furlough. 

  • peter26 By peter26

    I am an essential worker and have been going to work through this whole mess. I really try to stay home as much as possible, but I need to eat and I HAD to fix the toilet. I was NOT going to have a plumber come to my house right now. (It took 2 trips to Home Depot, but I managed to have no leaks the first try.) I will continue to stay home as much as I can for several more weeks. Everyone where I work has remained healthy and only one co-worker seems to have difficulty with social distancing, so I have avoided that co-worker for 2 months now. It's been difficult, but staying healthy is more important than new stuff. I have also made masks for all of my female co-workers so we can at least have a variety of looks. Nobody likes looking like everyone else.

  • Katypugz By Katypugz

    I really miss spending time with my family and friends.  But still doing video calls 

  • Hywelda9 By Hywelda9

    I honestly thing that focusing on going out and shopping and getting your nails and hair done is very childish.  My husband and I have both had the virus, and in our area, we are surrounded by illness and death.  I don't believe the rest of this country is taking this seriously enough.

  • Peachesncream887 By Peachesncream887

    Public healthwise it is not good that all the states have now partially opened. From an economic stand point I do understand but I still will not be going to anything non-essential for a long time. 

  • nickelet11 By nickelet11

    exercise and binging netflix!

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