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Modern Etiquette: What Rules Still Exist? Tell us your thoughts to win a $75 Amazon gift card

Modern Etiquette: What Rules Still Exist? Tell us your thoughts to win a $75 Amazon gift card

"Dear Abby" was one of the original syndicated advice columns, appearing in over 1,200 newspapers and read by over 95 million people. Times have certainly changed since "Dear Abby" launched in 1956, but we are curious: are there still rules for common etiquette? And if so, what are they?

In the past few weeks, 5 burning questions have come up within the SheSpeaks Team. After much discussion, here are our best answers. Do you agree? Tell us what you think and you'll be entered to win a $75 Amazon gift card!

Are there any questions you'd love the answers to? Submit them and we'll include some of our favorites as future polls on our website!

Q 1. If you bring a dish to a get-together, is it appropriate to bring home the leftovers?

Not usually. Leftovers should be left for the host to enjoy. However, if there are a ton of leftovers and the host is truly insisting you take it, then take it. It's certainly not worth fighting over.

2. Is it rude to leave your cell phone on the table when dining with friends?

Yes, it's rude, but sometimes it has to be done. For example, if you are out without your kids, then it's ok to keep the phone out in case there is any issue at home. But don't take any calls or texts unless they are truly important. It's not fun to be at dinner with someone who cares more about their device than you.

3. If a single person is going in on a present with a couple who is married or dating, does the single person pay 50% and the couple pay 50% or does each individual person pay one-third?

If everyone knows the recipient equally, than everyone pays equally. But if the partner in the couple doesn't know the recipient and is really just a guest, then 50-50 might be ok. Make sure to talk about it with each other before assuming the amount.

4. How do you get out of an annoying group text conversation without insulting everyone in it?

No one wants to hear constant phone beeping when they're not interested in the chat. If there's a chance that the discussion will end soon, then just silence your phone and ignore it. But if it looks like this chain might be permanent, then it's ok to beg out. Best to send a light-hearted text, something like, "Hey all, love this group but need to get away from the phone and actually pay attention to my children! Can you remove me from the chat? Thx!"

5. Are thank you notes necessary? Do they always have to be hand-written?

Everyone appreciates a thank-you but there are varying degrees of how it needs to be said. If your friend buys you a drink for your bithday, sending a thank-you text afterwards is perfect. But if you receive more meaningful gifts, like at your wedding, graduation party or baby shower, than, yes, we still believe that hand-written notes are ideal. Email is ok for informal events if it is truly personalized. If someone spent time picking out a thoughtful (or expensive) gift for your new baby, they deserve something more than a group email saying, "Thanks for coming to my shower! Loved your gift!" 

What do you think? What questions do you have? Enter for the chance to win a $75 Amazon gift card!

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  • Jjswildcat5 By Jjswildcat5

    I think everyone has their own etiquette! Depends where u are at!

  • pixistyx By pixistyx

    1. If the host urges you to take some home, then go ahead and take a plate home. But for sure I'd want to pack up leftovers for the host to keep if only to get my plate/dish back. LOL 2. I think you can leave it out as long as you aren't looking at it every five minutes. 3. I think if you know each other well enough, then it's fine to split the bill equally. 4. Group texting can be annoying for sure! I just turn my phone volume down. 5. I think hand written notes aren't expected as they were years ago but if you are going to send them, for sure send them for the big occasions like weddings and baby showers.

  • Fred1950 By Fred1950

    Whenever I bring a dish to someone, I ask for a container so I can leave the leftovers. Only if the hostess insists do I take the leftovers home. I also always make sure my serving dish is labeled if I want to see my container again. By putting the leftovers in the hostess? container, I can take my serving dish home and make one less item for the hostess to clean, and return.

  • Fred1950 By Fred1950

    I feel that it is rude to be using your phone while you are out. If it is really a serious issue, like kids left with babysitter, or ill child at home, then I would leave my phone out, with it silenced, and only respond to it if it is truly an emergency. At my age (70) I don?t have kids at home, so I silence my phone and leave it in my purse while I am out. I want to give my full attention to the people I am with.

  • spyralwomyn By spyralwomyn

    It feels like there is a loss of gratitude and common decency that has increased over the years. I would have never questioned sending a thank you card for a gift, or excusing myself politely from a conversation that made me uncomfortable. Manners are manners. They show respect for yourself and others. It also demonstrates self-confidence and appropriate social cues. Be present for others. Be courteous. It's like it's a lost art to remember to say please and thank you, let alone to leave one's cellphone in a purse during a meeting or meal. Youth don't know how to have face to face conversations anymore. Basic communication skills have been lost and given way to instant gratification, comparison to everyone else, and an urgency to do better, have more, and prove oneself. This has affected the social emotional development of children and young people. As a school counselor, I deal with the outcomes everyday and it's very scary.

  • mallgirl By mallgirl

    I agree with all of these, and I wish more people would write thank you notes. It's a lost art.

  • Meemster By Meemster

    I would say I generally agree with the answers to all five questions. I do generally leave my cell phone out on the table when dining with friends though, and so do they. If it was a fancy meal, I would keep it put away, but just a quick lunch with friends, it's ok to have it out.

  • herbalkate By herbalkate

    It's not always rude to leave your phone on the table while out with friends but it should be left face down and the volume of alerts should be lowered as to not annoy other diners. It would be best to have all alerts except for extremely important ones, such as from your children, from your parents, or your work if you are on call, turned off.

  • motherng By motherng

    I agree with the answers given above. Although I would also add to the hand written note that the note should be written within a reasonable amount of time.

  • Lhall1216 By Lhall1216

    I totally agree! These things are common courtesy and people don't do then often enough.

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