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5 Must-Try Winter Activities & a $25 Visa Gift Card to Get Started. #SheSpeaksWinter

5 Must-Try Winter Activities & a $25 Visa Gift Card to Get Started. #SheSpeaksWinter

When the winter season rolls around, we generally put on our lazy cap and hibernate because we are under the impression that snow = no fun activities. Don’t let the chilly weather stop you from having a blast this season! 

Here are 5 must-try winter activities that will keep the fun going all year round. Plus, enter to win a $25 Visa gift card to get started!

Rent Out a Hot Tub at the Spa

This is the best way to balance between hot and cold temperatures. While the water keeps your body warm, the cool air gives that relaxing effect. Perfect for a romantic date or a girls’ night out, especially while sipping on a glass of wine!

Winter Themed Photoshoot

You can never go wrong with a fun photoshoot! This is a great way to get priceless photos of your kids as well as add content to your social media accounts and/or blog. Grab your girlfriends, family, or significant other to capture those special moments!

Indoor Fort

If it really is too much to go outside, bring out your inner creative self by building an indoor fort. Take creative control and design a cozy space where you can watch a movie and enjoy delicious snacks with the people you love most. A great way to stay indoors during this chilly season!

Visit Your Nearest Ice Castle

One of the coolest winter destinations! Though there are only a few Ice Castle locations across the United States, it's worth it to plan a road trip to see one. Or check out if your town has similar activities such as sculpture carving or ice skating shows. If not, create your own sculpting project in your own backyard.  


Yes, you read that correctly. Ziplining isn’t just for the warmer seasons; it’s a great way to feel that sense of adventure all year long. Without buzzing insects, this activity is ten times more fun, even in the cold. Check out winter resorts and family ski or tubbing parks. There are more ziplining locations open during the winter than you may realize. 

What are your favorite winter activities? Tell us for the chance to win a $25 Visa gift card!

#SheSpeaksWinter Giveaway

*One lucky constestant will be chosen at random to receive a $25 Visa gift card. Giveaway is open through February 10th, 2018 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

Update: Thanks to all who entered! Congrats to our winner, SheSpeaks member Melmart1.

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  • elciece By elciece

    My favorite winter activities are either staying indoors with some hot chocolate or tea wrapped up in a blanket, or out on a walk or hike if it isn't too icy or blustery cold!

  • BonnieS By BonnieS

    Reading with a warm fireplace and hot cocoa

  • MV0411 By MV0411

    Sledding and baking cookies while watching the snow fall!

  • honsianglin By honsianglin

    Go up to the mountain.

  • hyburn87566 By hyburn87566

    My favorite winter activities are sitting by a warm fires and drinking hot chocolate.

  • meganhandyside By meganhandyside

    tubing at our area ski resort

  • kblack2010 By kblack2010

    Baking cookies, sledding, hot Coco, and fuzzy blankets.

  • vickimarie2002 By vickimarie2002

    I like to stay inside and keep warm!! Renting out a hot tub at a spa sounds fun though!!

  • lisahillberg By lisahillberg

    My favorite Winter Activity is walking around San Antonio SeaWorld looking at all the Xmas Lights, Drinking Hot Chocolate, Eating Hot Funnel Cake!

  • mulysa32 By mulysa32

    We love to go hiking & take pictures. Especially of waterfalls. Also, it's a great time to go rock hounding at the beach!

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