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Finish this Sentence: "One day, I'd like to..." & Enter Our $75 Visa #SheSpeaksDream Giveaway!

Finish this Sentence:

We spend most of our time and energy figuring out the day-to-day: What's for dinner? When do I have to pick up the kids? How can I finish my work and get home in time to enjoy the summer sun? 

But every once in a while, it's nice to dream a little: "I've always wanted to..." Open my own business? Run a marathon? Bake the perfect souffle?

How would you finish the sentence "One day, I'd like to..."? Tell us for the chance to win a $75 Visa gift card to get started!

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. But it's said that just 2% of us fully achieve everything we want to. Why? Is it lack or money, time, talent, or just confidence that is holding us back?

Take the first step toward trying something new by writing it down. Often, seeing things on paper helps to solidify the goal, before you can turn it into reality.

We decided to take our own advice and do just that.

Here's some things our SheSpeaks staff would like to do, some of which are even starting to happen.

One day, I'd like to...

Live in NYC: I grew up in the Philippines and whenever I would watch movies or TV shows set in New York, I was always mesmerized by how beautiful, busy, and jam-packed the city was. I'm having a trial run now as an intern this summer and it's the perfect test - I can't wait to experience it full-time! - Via

Get more organized: I have a young daughter and am pregnant. Between work, child care, and being tired all the time, it's hard to keep everything straight. So I decided to start a bullet journal, which I've seen all over Instagram. Being super-organized isn't the most glamorous dream but hopefully this will make getting things accomplished a little more fun.  - Emily

Stop hating pushups: When I was a kid, I used to be really good at pushups. Then I grew up, and they're not so easy anymore. I know how good pushups are for keeping the body fit and strong, but I can't help but be frustrated by them. So I'm going to do more pushups this summer to see if they get easier. I doubt I'll ever love them, but I hope that I will see some results and learn to appreciate them. - Ellie

Go to the Olympics: I've always been inspired by the Olympics. I love watching the hard work of the athletes, and seeing how the world comes together for this big event. I know better than to hope I'd ever be in the Olympics but watching in person has been on my bucket list forever! - Susan

Write for SNL: I'm in a stand-up comedy troupe and have done stand-up twice - what an adrenaline rush! I also love creative writing, so a career as a comedy writer (especially on SNL!) would be the perfect dream come true. - Rose

What's something you've always wanted to do? Tell us for the chance to win a $75 Visa gift card to help you get started!

There are three ways to enter:

  1. Comment below by finishing this sentence "One day, I'd like to..." Make sure to tell us if you are making it happen!
  2. Click here to tweet: "Chasing my dreams & entering to win a $75 Visa gift card in the #SheSpeaksDream giveaway, thx to @SheSpeaksUp"
  3. Post a picture on Instagram (worth 5 entries) of you doing something you've been wanting to try with the hashtags #SheSpeaksDream, #SheSpeaks and #entry.

*One lucky commenter, Tweeter or Instagrammer will be chosen at random to receive a $75 Visa gift card. Giveaway is open through July 29th, 2018 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

Update: Thanks to all who entered! Congrats to our winner, SheSpeaks member renejoseph.

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  • Rhonda07 By Rhonda07

    One day I?d like to go on a cruise

  • karebear13 By karebear13

    One day I'd like to travel to Hawaii

  • shannondamon By shannondamon

    One day I'd like to see the great pyramids!

  • Ravenwolf By Ravenwolf

    One day I would like to be able to travel to Ireland.

  • lauren75 By lauren75

    I'd love to go on an African safari. It would be so cool to see the animals close up.

  • homefoodfun By homefoodfun

    One day I'd like to rescue ALL of the dogs and give them homes! And travel the world. And be able to support my family. AND write a book.

  • angiesangle By angiesangle

    One day, I'd like to do an overnight trip by myself.

  • renejoseph By renejoseph

    Paint landscape paintings. Yes, I've bought the canvas, just need to buy some paint.

  • Spttrsn43 By Spttrsn43

    One day I would love to buy tickets to the Alabama and Auburn football game

  • Jolexi By Jolexi

    One day, I?d like to be able to open up that pastry shop I?ve always imagined I?d own. I enjoy creating things and making people smile. Being able to open my little shop every day and welcome ol manner of people in with something warm and comforting to bring back holdhood memories or create new ones would be a dream come true! And if I?m lucky, travel to Paris to take culinary courses from the French masters of pastry themselves in order to fully immerse myself in this endeavor.

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