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Get Mother's Day Inspired & Win $75 at Sephora

Get Mother's Day Inspired & Win $75 at Sephora

For Women's History Month this year, we asked who your hero is. More than 70% of you said you were inspired by your mother, your grandmother, your great-grandmother, your daughter, or an aunt who treated you like her own. Clearly, motherhood is something to be celebrated.

This Mother's Day, we want to appreciate all of the amazing mothers and daughters out there by showing off what our members said. Add your own story and you could win a $75 Sephora gift card to treat yourself - and a family member who you wish to honor too.

Moms Who Inspire

My grandmother, Jassodra Kumar. She is close to 70 years old and you will find her in a kickboxing class, doing yoga or getting a manicure. She has great energy and lives life to the fullest. Age is just a number for her and I hope to be just like her in my golden years. - Gjprasad

My mom's such a wise, loving, selfless woman and is always willing to help, listen, give a hug and share wisdom. ... she inspires me to be a better woman, wife, and mom. - wittes02

Moms Who Overcame the Odds

My mom. She was one of very few female welders back in the late 70's at the Electric Boat/General Dynamics shipyard. She endured a lot - physically, mentally, and tons of sexism. She did it to support 3 children on her own, and I'm proud she stuck it out! - AmAtHome

... At almost 89 years old, [my mom] is beautiful and strong! When our dad died, we thought we would be supporting and helping her, yet she ended up supporting us! If I could be half as beautiful and kind as she is when I am 60 years old, I would be happy! She inspires us all! - pmencin

Moms Who Sacrifice

My grandmother ... sacrificed so much during her childhood years in the Great Depression just so nobody in her family went hungry and that her younger siblings could stay in school. - redneckwoman

My mother ... was a stay at home parent till I was 4 and my father left. My proud mother had to BEG for a job. She worked her way up from a desk clerk to a manager of an office! Despite not having a lot of money, she always made sure we had food on the table and clothes on our backs. She went over 10 years with the same clothes, sewing them up so she could make sure my brother and I had shoes. ... - kymom13

Moms Who Are Survivors

My mom Dianne Brost inspires me because she has survived stage 3 colon cancer, has run 2 marathons since being diagnosed, will do anything for friends or family and volunteers a lot. - yarbr012

Kathy my mother ... just had a major stroke in November and her recovery is a miracle, she is so determined and after everything she has been through still has her sense of humor and worries of every one else. ... I am so lucky to have her as my best friend and my mother. - winnie11

Moms Who Motivate

My mother ... takes care of me since I have a chronic illness, showing me kindness and patience. Like any other mother, she has taught me how to be thankful and how to show gratitude. Finally, as my best friend, she has taught me hugs and laughter are truly the best medicine.  - taletreader

...[My mom] taught me that no matter how old I am or how far into something I have gone, I can always turn it around and make it into something beautiful! ... - ablendedmomma

How have you been inspired by your mom, grandmother, or mother-figure in your life? Tell us for the chance to win a $75 Sephora gift card!



*One lucky commenter, Tweeter, or Instagrammer will be chosen at random to receive a $75 gift card to Sephora. Giveaway is open through May 20, 2018 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.


Update: Thanks to all who entered! Congrats to our winner, SheSpeaks member rebecca11111.

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  • calmond79 By calmond79

    My stepmother is so inspirational for me! She has endured so much only to let it build her up and make her a better and stronger person. She gives of herself wholeheartedly for others and have never failed, not even once, to support me and be there for me through "thick and thin!"

  • LivAtalia By LivAtalia

    Super awesome Mother's Day. Love family time. We honestly honor one another everyday but it was fantastic all the same.

  • Jpratt9165 By Jpratt9165

    My grandmother has inspired me so much by raising 6 babies while working and furthering her education all on her own with no help. My mother raised me on her own and worked several jobs at one time. I hope to become as independent as they were and are.

  • lisasam By lisasam

    My mom is always the one to bring everyone together - she loves to have people over for birthdays, anniversaries, parties, or just to get together. She has a joyous heart and is always giving to others. Even though she may not be feeling her best, she always wants to do for others as she says that's what makes her feel better. My mom has inspired me to give to others, to work hard, and to give my best. She is an inspiration to our family and to all who know her.

  • wdionisiolover By wdionisiolover

    My mother has always put others needs in front of hers, she runs a charity, she took care of my grandmother, she takes care of my sister and her family, she is just amazing.

  • BrookeWillis By BrookeWillis

    My mom is the most selfless woman. I aspire to have such a caring heart like hers.

  • babygirl24jg By babygirl24jg

    My mom has always put her kids first. She will do things for us before doing it for herself.

  • tracil5932 By tracil5932

    My mom is an amazing women, who I look up to and try and emulate. She is always helping others and has taught me to be the strong independent woman I am.

  • jlvega By jlvega

    My mom has been through a lot, and has put up with quite a bit. She completely inspires me to be strong.

  • MollyJG By MollyJG

    My mom has given up everything for me and for that I will always be indebted to her!

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