So Nice, We're Doin' It Twice - 2013 Pearls Giveaway

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 11, 2013


What famous event of this year was most interesting to you?  

In January, the comedy Gods listened and the earth rejoiced as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler kicked-off 2013 hilariously hosting the Golden Globes. That was followed by the selection of "amazeballs" and "zhoosh" as new words in the Collins Dictionary!  

And in June so many of you told us how much you love pearls - that we're having another Pearls Giveaway!

How to Enter:
Just comment below and tell us what event you found most interesting in 2013 - and you'll be automatically entered to win!

 Was it one of these?

  • Oscar Pistorius was arrested for killing his girlfriend Reeva
  • One Pope resigns and a new one is elected
  • The bombing of the Boston Marathon
  • Amanda Berry breaks free from the home where she and 2 others were held captive for 10 years
  • The Government shutdown
  • George Zimmerman found not guilty of 2nd degree murder for the killing of Trayvon Martin
  • Eric Snowden and the NSA Spying Scandal
  • The Syrian Civil War chemical attack allegation
  • The Birth of England's Prince George
  •  Miley Cyrus twerks at the MTV Music Awards
  • The Obamacare website failure
  • The death of Nelson Mandela

Or another?  Let us know by Dec 31st* and you may be one of our 6 winners for these pretty prizes!

9-10mm Round Cultured Genuine Tahitian Pearl Sterling Silver     Dangle Earrings

14k Gold Chain Multi-Color Freshwater Cultured Drop Pearl    17" Necklace

 10-11mm White Cultured Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver     18 Inch Necklace
 11-18mm Bronze Keshi Petal Freshwater Pearl Necklace 19" Ivory Baroque Pendant Pearl  and Chain Necklace 13mm Lilac Dangle Coin Pearl 18" Necklace on Textured Chain

Thank you to all Members of SheSpeaks for making 2013 such a wonderful year!

*Open to USA residents only, 18 years of age. One winner per prize. Winners will be notified by January 3, 2014


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trippingtiffies by trippingtiffies | LITTLE ROCK, AR
Dec 11, 2013

The Birth of England's Prince George --- I love anything about Kate, William & George!

griselbarreto by griselbarreto | Henderson, NV
Dec 11, 2013

Nelson Mandela's Passing!!! RIP

elizabethpyo by elizabethpyo | Cypress, CA
Dec 11, 2013

Amanda Berry breaks free from the home where she and 2 others were held captive for 10 years

tamiddavis by tamiddavis | Gresham, OR
Dec 11, 2013

Boston bombing. Watching the live news feed of then trying to track the bomber, and the shoot outs, yikes!

willsgal35 by willsgal35 | SAINT JOHNS, MI
Dec 11, 2013

The government shutdown.

xandie by xandie | Union City, CA
Dec 11, 2013

When govt shutdown. In the bay area BART was also on strike along with other transportation agencies, so it felt like US is falling apart.

Okimo75 by Okimo75 | GULFPORT, MS
Dec 11, 2013

The verdict of George Zimmerman being found not guilty

kmchevelle by kmchevelle | Houston, TX
Dec 11, 2013

The Boston Marathon because I am a runner and I know many runners. Very scary and emotional to hear this story and the girls held captive because I have girls. I couldn't imagine going through that and so glad they were rescued!

barrettcaldwellt by barrettcaldwellt | tacoma, WA
Dec 11, 2013

When Amanda Berry and the captivity

nikkibecker73 by nikkibecker73 | BALTIMORE, MD
Dec 11, 2013

I found that the fact that Amanda Berry breaks free from the home where she and 2 others were held captive for 10 years the most interesting. Such a brave young woman~!!

lathrops by lathrops | Ardmore, PA
Dec 11, 2013

The death of Nelson Mandela

jufaswife by jufaswife | METAIRIE, LA
Dec 11, 2013

The birth of England's Prince George

Magen93 by Magen93 | ISLAND LAKE, IL
Dec 11, 2013

Our pope resigns and a new one is this a sign of the times?

ZNKMOM by ZNKMOM | Yardley, PA
Dec 11, 2013

Definetely the birth of Prince George, they are a great couple together, it is nice to see the monarchy has gotten it right and let them do it their way.

animalgal by animalgal | kenosha, WI
Dec 11, 2013

the pope resigning. I don't know if any other pope has ever resigned before!