Suns Out! Here are 4 Innovative Swimsuit Brands for Summer

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 08, 2023

Summer is coming and with summer comes a new summer wardrobe! Swimwear can get repetitive and stale so we decided to curate a list of some swimwear brands that are pushing the limits in creativity!



This Vancouver-made minimally-styled swimsuit brand is made from a sustainable poly blend that is constructed from plastic bottled and upcycled, pre-consumer crustacean shells.


Girlfriend Collective

This brand is originally known for their sustainable and inclusive activewear but they have recently taken their brand mission and expanded it to swimwear. Girlfriend Collective now has swimwear in various sizes, colors, and sizes ranging from XXS to 6XL.


Knix made its name with its leakproof period underwear. They have now expanded that brand to provide women with period-proof bathing suits that can hold up to three tampons worth so you can look cute and hit the beach no matter what time of the month it is!


LDLA created its brand in hopes of inspiring confidence and encouraging women through swimwear and apparel by using numberless goddess-named sizing. They aim to allow women to embrace their inner goddesses without having to be anxiety-riddled through numbered sizing.


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ABRidgeway by ABRidgeway | Laceys Spring, AL
Mar 19, 2024

From someone who has been a big girl all her life I can say that i would be comfortable with any of these bathing suits. They are all super cute and Im really considering getting one for myself.

rebhut51 by rebhut51 | Tama, IA
Jul 17, 2023

I love the variety of eco friendly materials and size range. Knix thank you for finally helping all women out there

rebhut51 by rebhut51 | Tama, IA
Jul 17, 2023

I love the variety of eco friendly materials and size range. Knix thank you for finally helping all women out there

shespeaks12 by shespeaks12 | Mansfield, TX
Jul 06, 2023

Knix has a swimsuit?! Who Knew?? That is awesome! Now people don't have to worry about leaks and swimming which alot of women worry about or not having any protection to swim as some don't wear tampons and they think they can't swim otherwise. This is great!

Rebecca118 by Rebecca118 | Gonzales, LA
Jun 26, 2023

Modesty is the key and these swim suits are just what we need.

saleago by saleago | Horseheads, NY
Jun 21, 2023

Nice suits.

louiee51 by louiee51 | Independence, MO
Jun 20, 2023

Love that is made for all shapes and sizes

HannahBeth1102 by HannahBeth1102 | Lexington, KY
Jun 19, 2023

Knix has swim wear?! I cannot order soon enough! My Aunt Flo thanks them!

ChipsAhoyfavho by ChipsAhoyfavho | loves park, IL
Jun 18, 2023

Right off the bat I like knix! I think their models are selling the product well.

nickelet11 by nickelet11 | ROSWELL, GA
Jun 18, 2023

i'm a size 0/xs. i do not relate to these ads. i also do not believe advocating an unhealthy body style is good for society.

soonersfan by soonersfan | Louisburg , KS
Jun 17, 2023

Soonersfan I think a swim is something you have a hard time pleasing women of any size. I like something that covers my stomach. My daughter and my granddaughters would like these.

sweetchic by sweetchic | SAN MARINO, CA
Jun 16, 2023

Londre's website shows innovative and unique patterns and styling. A place where I would shop, especially being eco-friendly!! Girlfriend Collective does not look innovative and especially with the high pricing, not sure where they will find a following or become popular. Knix has a great idea, leak-proof bottoms. Great for women struggling with heavy or unpredictable menstruation! LDLA has a really good idea. It is difficult to sell clothing that would look good on large women as well as thin petite women though. I would imagine the clothing would look and feel really loose and wrinkled on a thin petite women. Hope they offer free returns!

Mahpetencurt by Mahpetencurt | Fazenda rio grande , OU
Jun 16, 2023

Esses biquínis foi a melhor coisa realizada, tomar um banho de mar já é bom e com esses biquínis ficará ainda mais confortável

SammaSpot by SammaSpot | lakeside, TX
Jun 16, 2023

Knix swimwear, something I believe my daughters will love!

Katelyn0485 by Katelyn0485 | Coatesville, PA
Jun 16, 2023

I love a high wasted bikini with good tummy support. Makes me feel confident after having my kids