bananagrams Bananagrams Board Game

bananagrams Bananagrams Board Game

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Perfect for carrying around I love how easy this is to carry from the park to plane to the bed. My husband and I do date nights and this is the perfect game.

bananas this game is easy to carry anywhere and it is a fun family game. i always carry it with me when I am going to hang out with friends because it is so portable and fun

Great educational word game! This is a fantastic game for upper elementary kids and above. They get to make their own crossword puzzle with the letters they've drawn. The only downside to this game in our home is that I need some better competition than my tweens! I love the banana shaped storage bag. With board game space at a premium in our house, this game fits easily.

Great to keep at the cabin!! My grandma, brother and I always play this when we go to the cabin together. Its great because if you play outside and it's windy it won't get blown away, if you have a power outage you can use a flash light and play.. it's a game that keeps your mind going!! It especially fun with a variety of people because you get to expand your vocabulary and test how fast you can think of words..

Banagrams!! We, as in me (66), my sis (64) and our mom (86) play this game every Sunday afternoon and have since 2013. The game is a quiet one which does allow for a little conversation among players. Your mind is challenged as you make words from the tiles you have chosen. It is similar to Scrabble; but each player works alone to complete words and win the game. Such fun while also being relaxing. Suitable for all ages that can read.