Zebra Pen F-301 Ballpoint Pen

Zebra Pen F-301 Ballpoint Pen

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Great pen. Zebra pens never fail me. I like using them and have given them to my granddaughter for schoolwork and she likes using them too!

Great Products I always keep these in our home office. You can always count on Zebra for quality products.

Zebra Pen Zebra pens are awesome! I love the smooth penmeanship it offers me when I need to write or complete projects!

My go to This is my go to pen. Carry one every day. They have a metal body so they are hard to break. The ink cartridge is replaceable and last a pretty long time. I like the fine line of the point and it doesn't have that messy look of the popular gel pens that smear.

Zebra Pens -a notch above the rest! Even though the kids are now in college, I still enjoy nice stationary products at this time of year. I have recently discovered a company out of my own state, New Jersey, that makes Zebra pens. They are attractive, easy to use and very comfortable to hold. And best of all, they are very economical, too! Try them and you will see- just a notch above the others.

Perfect pen! This is a favorite pen in our household. The grip is perfect and the ink flow is smooth. My husband is an engineer and is very fussy about which writing tool he uses. This has become his "go-to" pen. I appreciate the weight of the pen, not too heavy nor too light. Highly recommend!

Love my Zebra I love my zebra pen!!! I never ever leave home without one!!!

BEAUTIFUL Pen I really love this pen! It's lightweight and thin. Very easy to hold. I like the flow of the ink . This pen writes super smooth. It writes like a fine point but flows like a medium! The pen is also very classy looking all silver with black grip and a little black at the top! This pen is a classic and I use all the time and plan on buying more of the same pens. I would recommend this product to everyone. I received this free from shespeaks and all my opinions are my own.

Smooth ink flow - Nice light weight pen! I really like this pen! It's lightweight and thin and very easy to hold. I like the flow of the ink - it just flows as you write and is very smooth! It writes like a fine point but flows like a medium! The pen is also very classy looking all silver with black grip and a little black at the top! Great pen and I use it all the time!

Write stuff! It has a clean, smooth scroll when writing and the ink flow is just right. The grip is comfortable and easy to hold. This is quick becoming my go-to pen. Plus it's refillable, a definite two thumbs up! I received this pen complimentary from SheSpeaks for review purposes and all opinions are my own.

Fine Tip & sleek look. I like the weight of this pen, not too light so it's more controlled writing. The sleek look makes it seem pricey. Best part for me it the fine writing tip. The inks takes 1 second to dry , so I didn't have any ink smudging issues .

amazing pen I love this pen, I use it for my checking and it writes perfectly. It fits just right in my checkbook and the grip is superb! This is now my go to pen to use.

Zebra pens are truly the best I've always loved Zebra pens because they're well made, easy to use, and don't tend to bleed in the paper... I use my pen I received free for my review for everything and throw it in my purse when I'm done confident it won't get messy... I hit down notes, doodle, and write recipes and notes to my kids... I love how easily it glides over almost any surface and doesn't leave any unwanted smudges or marks

The pen glided across the paper very smoothly. I do like a pen though that feels a little bit more sturdy, but overall it's a good pen and would recommend it.

Zebra Pen I really like the way this pen rights, and how light weight it feels. When I first started using it, the ink would come out well, but I have had a few issues with the ink cutting out mid-writing every now and then. Overall, I think that problem can be easily fixed, and it's still a nice pen. I like its design.