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  • Mystearica By  Mystearica    

    Fast, yummy and great for picky kiddos.

    We love he smoothie kits, great for picky kids. Fast to make and the kids are happy and it tastes great.

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  • BossQueen By  BossQueen    

    So good

    This is so good not been dissapointed flavor wise on any of their smoothie kits. Just wish there was more in the bag.

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  • Beautifuldisaster30 By  Beautifuldisaster30    

    These taste pretty good but I would save your money and just make your own, they are not as healthy as you would think

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  • hiarjulia By  hiarjulia    

    You would think for being yogurt this would be a good choice but it isn't. It is LOADED with sugar.

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  • sammiluv2 By  sammiluv2    

    these are delicious they have become one of my fav pregnancy foods I have one every morning

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  • dianej89 By  dianej89    

    so delicious

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    Save yourself the money and make your own!

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  • wrightvm By  wrightvm    

    Save yourself the money and make your own fresh fruit smoothie. These smoothie mixes have a ton of sugar and for whatever reason it didn't blend very well in my blender.

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  • prnces1414 By  prnces1414    

    I think these are good but I get so paranoid with the amount of sugar that I usually talk myself into using fresh fruit so I can get the full benefit. but the flavor was really good, and any kid would love them

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  • JessiY By  JessiY    

    Everytime I get the chance I will stock up on these. They are not exactly healthy but they taste terrific and my entire family loves them.

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  • RAM2011 By  RAM2011    

    We drink a lot of smoothies in my house, and these are a must-have for our family. We always have at least one bag in the freezer.

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  • Spurlock44 By  Spurlock44    

    I enjoy these as smoothies or just eating them out the bag.

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  • jjvag1313 By  jjvag1313    

    Very good but way to high in sugar.

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  • secokely By  secokely    

    I know this sounds silly, but this was too sweet for me. I like my smoothies to have a little sour/tartness to them and this was far too sweet. Possibly too much sugar in the frozen yogurt that was added. I'd rather just dump my own mixture of fruit into a blender.

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  • NJhousewife22 By  NJhousewife22    

    Wanted to love this, but just wasn't a fan. Too many seeds. I would prefer a grab and go version instead of one I have to blend myself. If I'm going to pull out the blender, it's the same amount of work to just throw in fresh ingredients.

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