Yes to Cucumbers Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

Yes to Cucumbers Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

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Disappointed I used to love these wipes but all of a sudden they started burning my face. So I stopped using them. Not sure why they did that to me.

Nice smell Nice product for most people, has a nice smell. Found out I'm allergic to an ingredient in this so can no longer use though.

Great makeup remover I love this product! I appreciate the fresh scent and how it effectively takes off makeup and mascara. I feel like with some makeup removes wipes it does not seem saturated enough. With these I can see that it is moist and feels so nice and fresh on my skin and makes it softer to the touch. I would recommend this to anyone.

Great product I actually use the face wash daily and it's like a miracle face wash for me. I suffer from skin redness and this face wash reduced it a lot. It also makes my skin very soft and gives it a glow. I am Addicted and won't use any other face wash ever again

Good for Eczema prone Skin! I have always had eczema and have a hard time finding products that will cater to that and not cause it to become inflamed. I used this for some time to get my makeup off and I didn't have much of a problem. I have heard that some people have a hard time with it and it can dry your skin out but I didn't noticed much. Test a patch of your skin before going all in.

Yes! I use these everyday whether I wear makeup or not! They?re great for getting that extra dirt or makeup off before using a cleanser!

It Burns!!!! I tried this product out because I think I was attracted by the appealing packaging. The product appeared to be clean and refreshing. I stopped using the product because I found it burned my skin and especially around my eyes.

Not for Sensitive Skin I did not care for these. They did the trick, but they irritated the area around my eyes. I have very sensitive skin, which is why I bought these. I had to stop using after a couple days and give them to my roommate.

Not very good I didnt really like this. I have sensutive skin and eyes so i have to be careful with what i use. I tried these wipes and i liked the sent. It was refreshing and they did leave my skin fealing clean but when it stares to dry down it made the skin around my eyes kind of burn/tinggle. Not a good feeling.

irritated my skin This really irritated my skin and I did not like the scent

One of my favorite products for make up removal - it cleans so well that no additional washing required. Much better alternative to may other wipes that can leave skin greasy.

Strong scented Was not a fan of the scent, it seemed a bit overwhelming. Otherwise I liked how refreshing my skin felt after using them.

I love the brand and i really like these wipes. Very refreshing scent and feel after use. I buys these when they go on sale and have them on me for on a go, as the packaging is pretty compact.

I love all of the YES To facial wipes EXCEPT for the "Yes to Cucumbers". I did NOT like the smell and they dried my skin out.

Irritated my skin, which is normally not sensitive. Feels sticky so you still have to wash your face after using these. Also not extremely effective and getting off make up.