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  • Rosalbamomoftwo By  Rosalbamomoftwo    

    Very inspirational

    I love love this book very inspirational to me well written and great story if you like the money then you will love this book

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  • bwarnick27 By  bwarnick27    

    This was such a great book and so eloquently written. I wish the theaters hadn't bitches it so much. A must read in my opinion!

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  • Page55 By  Page55    

    Good story and well developed. It is a book I read a few years ago that has stayed with me.

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  • stephaniedib By  stephaniedib    

    The begining starts out where it really makes you think about all of lifes aspects from zoo's to religion. It was a beautiful start. The only reason why I gave it a four is at points it didn't completely hold my attention. There were parts that were slow, and from the begining of the book you truly are suprised about how it ends. It was very well done, and I would definately suggest reading it.

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