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  • Stonell32 By  Stonell32    

    Sense /comfort/ relaxing

    Never looses sent and absolutely love to relax in a bubble bath with candles lit and music after a little bc day at work. Yankee is the way to go for candles or even your vehicles.

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  • shelby_neal8792 By  shelby_neal8792    

    Perfect candle!

    My favorite kind of candles! The smell is amazing, the do last forever! The only issue I have is how expensive they are! Other than that they are the perfect candle!

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  • MichelleMc By  MichelleMc    

    Yankee Candle = Amazing

    Yankee Candle is the best candles that I have ever used. They smell amazing and last forever. I also love their other products like their tarts and air fresheners for your car. Trust me, you won?t regret buying Yankee Candle.

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    Smell nice!

    Yankee Candles smell amazing and the last forever. It's a great gift too.

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  • Frankiel416 By  Frankiel416    

    Sweet candles!

    Totally love Yankee candles! I really love the scent they give off. Subtle, yet distinct. Great product!

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  • Espy2187 By  Espy2187    

    I'm a big fan Yankee candles. I have not found any other brand that comes close to this brand.

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  • ShandraB By  ShandraB    


    Yankee candles are all I burn in my house. I haven't found any candles that even come close to Yankee. The smell fills the whole house and seems like they last forever!

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  • WarmNFuzzie By  WarmNFuzzie    

    Hours of Amazing Aromas

    I'm totally in love with Yankee Candles. They have every scent for every season. I'm a big fan of the relaxation line. They burn for hours and it fills my home with deliciousness. With raising three boys, you can always find a candle burning in my home.

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  • falu215 By  falu215    

    Love it! Definitely a great gift... even if it is for yourself!

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  • baker90 By  baker90    

    I love these candles! They have amazing scents and last for a long time.

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  • bab5736 By  bab5736    

    Yankee Candle is an awesome company. The candles smell great and last a long time!

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  • Beccarose By  Beccarose    

    Love how it makes my house smell and how well it lingers.

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  • britnyriker By  britnyriker    


    makes my house smell AMAZING!!! the smell just lingers around! its great!

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  • monaespeaks16 By  monaespeaks16    

    love them all

    has a great smell that go through your house when friends walk in they always say they want my candles lol

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  • picturemommy By  picturemommy    

    Ok. I am a self confessed candle ADDICT! I have every shape sizeand kind but no doubt I always always ALWAYS return to YANKEE CANDLES! They are fragrant and last a long time! And the assortment...oh my! When I can't decide I load up on their votives! My all time hands down fave... SUN AND SAND! But their new release, WHISKERS ON KITTENS in so nice! For sure a close second!

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