Woodman's Markets

Woodman's Markets

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I adore Woodmans in Green Bay! Seriously they have great prices and there is so much! I love the international food aisles. One of my favorite places to grocery shop!

Large selection & great prices Large selection of food, including organic and natural products, at great prices. The store I shop at is huge. I was a little overwhelmed the first time I visited. It took a few trips to learn where most items are located. But it's easy one stop shopping at better prices than a lot of other major grocery stores. They also have a large liquer section with a great selection & good prices.

I love this store. They have a great selection. Whenever I can't find want I want in the grocery stores in our area I'll go to Woodman's. Most of the time Woodman's will have want I'm looking for.

Woodmans is an employee owned Grocery (and more) Store. We moved so I had to find a new grocery store to do my shopping. I tried all the ones I have heard about or shopped in before, but they were either too far away, smaller than what I was used to or just didn't have my usual products I like. I finally tried Woodmans - which I never heard of before. OMgoodness. Woodmans is very large. It is employee owned, carries at least 4 varieties of a product. If they don't have the product line you like they will get it on their shelves. They are the best grocery store ever! They also have a pet area, frozen foods, ethnic foods, health and beauty, fresh bakery brought in from local bakeries, and meat areas. If you have any physical limitations or back problems this is the store for you. Employees empty your shopping cart, pack your bags and there is a pick up area where they will load your grocery bags into your car if you choose to do this. I have back problems so I can now go grocery shopping again because they unload my cart and load my bags into the car! There is also a liquor store and they also process your photos too. Employees treat you nice because they are part owner in the store. I know Woodmans is a chain, but there are not a lot of them around. If you have one GO, because they are the only store you will every need to shop at again!