Wonderful Pistachios

Wonderful Pistachios

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delicious Delicious! I eat a little nuts like this every day.

Excellent Product These are really the perfect snack. They are also great for cooking and baking, adding flavor and crunch.

Sooooooo delicious I live off of these!!!! Sometimes Stop and Shop will have BOGO on pistachios and I buy as many as I can, lol, but these are the perfect snack and so fun to eat and not messy meaning no more red fingertips. Lol

Worth the premium price While these are more expensive than other brands, they are definitely better. They taste fresher, are a good, consistent size, and the packages have very few 'bad' ones (unopened, shriveled up, etc.). The flavored varieties are handled well. The 'regular' version are not too salty and even the unsalted ones are really tasty. I do prefer getting them in the shell--I think they taste better, but maybe that's psychological. I have never had a problem with this brand. I have tried others, both generic and brand name. There's seems to be a lot of inconsistency even within a brand. Sometimes they are acceptable, but the poor batches outweigh the price difference. It's not a better price if you're throwing out a significant amount of nuts!

I have not had very many of these a little expensive for me. With this pandemic going on I got a free 2 lb bag. They are soo good mostly with beer. I could not believe how great they taste for a snack.

Yumminess in an easy to crack open shell, no fussing! I love'em!

GI health I love Pistachios, they are very good for after eating bloating, and send them to my son for this reason.

best nuts ever i love these and eat them all the time. healthy for you and good for your heart just don't go over the handfull amount in take. great health snacks too and for losing weight.

The best Pistachios I buy these for my husband and he absolutely loves them. He can pretty much eat an entire 160z bag in 1 sitting. It's not to salt, just right. It does curb your appetite and is a great snack with good fats.

Love them This is the better brand of pistachios. Not many that are in the shell are closed up. Not too much salt. Rarely do I get a bad nut. This is my preferred brand.

delicious these are a great snack. most of the shells open fairly easily. I wish they made a lower salt version.

Delicious Delicious and always fresh! They make the perfect snack.

I love pistachios. They are tasty and make a great snack. Ever since I found out about the possibility of worms I never eat these in the dark anymore and inspect before eating each one. I am so thankful I have yet to find any bugs.

I love eating pistachios-just hate shelling them! The unshelled version is a little pricey.

Salty, But Good I am a huge fan of pistachio nuts and these are my go to pistachio nuts. I find them delicious, but I could do with less salt.