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  • ZigZag450 By  ZigZag450    

    We bought this not knowing anything and we fell in love with it! It made making homemade healthy baby food a whiz! The down side is that it is a little expensive but worth every penny! It saves a lot of money on baby food and not to mention they're getting a better nutrition without all the preservatives!

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  • aamita By  aamita    

    It works very good

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  • vanessafas By  vanessafas    

    I wanted to love this, but found it a pain in the neck. I didn't like how small it was, and although I could steam and then puree, I can do that easier with the tools I already owned in my kitchen. This disappointed me, but I would actually recommend it to a friend who was younger and more patient than I am, and who did not already own other pureeing and blending tools.

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  • cycoswmn By  cycoswmn    

    I whole-heartedly recommend this for new mothers! I'm a grandma, and I wanted to give my daughter a gift that would enable her to give baby Gabriel natural food! As mentioned in other reviews, the item is a bit pricey, but I think it's well worth it! It makes feeding baby healthy foods as easy as buying processed food! = ) What could be better than that? Even though my grandson isn't able to eat solid foods yet, we've tried it out and can't WAIT for baby Gabe to start eating solids! I recommend this to every mommy, so maybe consider getting it as shower gift for someone special....!

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  • dillngr9 By  dillngr9    

    I LOVE this product. I wanted it the first time I saw it, but then I saw the pricetag and I new it wasn't realistic. We were really lucky to have stumbled upon a mis-shipment at a Pottery Barn outlet - and for some reason. They had no idea what to price them at so they said $30 and my husband quickly grabbed one. When he came home with it, I was ready to yell at him for spending so much - but then he told me the story and I was so thrilled. We made 95% of my son's food with this thing and I felt so good knowing exactly what I was feeding him! So while I'm not sure that I can recommend it for the real price that it is, if you know someone who has it and can borrow it from them, you really should. I've let two friends borrow mine for the convenience of it all and look forward to using it again someday.

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  • mlesher38 By  mlesher38    

    The price is a bit much for me, It's a great idea sounds ideal for a new mom or any mom, but for that much money it should be able to change my baby's diapers too.

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  • jennyandscottk By  jennyandscottk    

    my infant is just under two months old - but we will be purchasing one soon!

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  • jfpeck By  jfpeck    

    I think this is a wonderful tool to help people gain better access to healthier foods, but it seems a bit pricey for something that one could use a pots, pans and a blender to do pretty much the same thing. I do like that it's an all in one gadget, but is it dishwasher safe? All of the reviews I've seen say to hand wash everything. This seems like it would make clean up much more time consuming.

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  • cmcannizzaro By  cmcannizzaro    

    A wonderful way to provide your baby with the freshest, healthiest foods. I would recommend this to anyone!

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