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  • Doreyjefferson By  Doreyjefferson    

    Best grocery store to shop at! They have the freshest fruits & vegetables ever! I Love Wegmans

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    My favorite grocery store ever! I drive 1 1/2 hours to Wegmans to shop once a month. The variety and prices are fantastic. The store layout is next to none and the employees are wonderful. I wish there was one closer so that I could go more often. I make a day of it since it is a big store and usually eat lunch at one of the food stations.

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  • MommyRamblingsBlog By  MommyRamblingsBlog    

    Absolutely love Wegmans, the quality, variety, prices and entire experience are second to none!!!

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  • mojaverose By  mojaverose    

    Went to Wegmans while visiting a relative and was really surprised at quality of products in the store. Everything was clean and orderly and I had no problem finding what I was shopping for. Will definitely shop Wegman's again.

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  • angelmk By  angelmk    

    I love wegmans, I am in there a few times a week and the stores are always clean,well stocked and when I don't feel like cooking dinner,I can pick up something in the café and have dinner that's great and convenient,their is a lrge variety that changes often and with the seasons. I don't shop at any other supermarket in my area,wegmans is tops for me !

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  • JuliaNicole By  JuliaNicole    

    Amazing food selection! Not a fan of the prices though.

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  • TabithaLyn By  TabithaLyn    

    I love Wegmans. Lots of variety and great prices!

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  • gspyswifey By  gspyswifey    

    We go into Wegmans just to smell the yummy food and order some pizza! They have delish sourdough bread that we love & usually does'nt last a day in our household. The only negative thing I have is that they are a lil pricey but other than that it is a great store over all :)

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  • Txlakegirl By  Txlakegirl    

    This review is about some of the Wegmans brand products not about this store. I am visiting and heard about wegmans store from my daughter. So off I go to pick up a few things, seafood, yogurt and a good roast. Loved the store, kids bought lots of fruit. Got home, tasted their organic super plain yogurt and it was awful. Here arethe ingredients: organic sugar, organic corn starch, organic cream, inulin (dietary fiber), fish oil (anchovy, sardine), kosher gelatin (beef, tilapia). Vitamin d. Honestly I feel cheated... they promoted this as a healthy product...in realty it is garbage. So you might want to take a moment and read the ingredients. Yuck The inulin is really a texture product like the pink slim used as a meat filler. Needless to say it went in the trash.

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  • michijay By  michijay    

    I love Wegman's! My first visit was in Rochester, NY while visiting my family. They have everything you could ask for; the food is excellent, the placement is very attractive and the prices are not bad. The produce is so fresh, as is the meat, fruit and the heavenly bread/pastries. I've found them in PA and NJ and I will definitely be shopping there. Order a cake and you'll swear it came from your favorite bakery.

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  • Rafencat By  Rafencat    

    What can I say, but 'Wow, Wegmans." Incredible shopping experience. Knowledgeable staff, products they stand behind and never a doubt as to service. A+ in my book!

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  • Katiek By  Katiek    

    My favorite fancy grocery store. Their fresh and prepared foods is the BEST. They always have a nice variety of produce and feature locally grown, seasonal merchandise. I always spend too much money here.

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  • Jennifer1111 By  Jennifer1111    

    Uncomparable customer service!!!

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  • mekelsey By  mekelsey    

    I regularly think about moving back north for no reason other than WEGMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • jackieb80 By  jackieb80    

    The best store ever...I miss it since moving out of Maryland. Whole Foods comes close but nothing is exactly like Wegman's out here on the west coast.

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