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  • BellaBella2 By  BellaBella2    

    grilled chicken

    Perfect for chicken on the grill. Just the right mix of spices. So easy to use

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  • momapolly By  momapolly    

    The first time I used Weber's Kickin' Chicken I knew it was one of those items I wanted to always have in my, pantry! I have used this in several ways, most often on oven baked chicken. It has become a favorite at our house, but I have not limited it to chicken. I have also used it on pork chops and hamburgers. They were delicious! It's great for grilling as well, imparting a very unique flavor.

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  • cheesenbread By  cheesenbread    

    I actually love all of the weber seasonings. The are pretty decent. The kickin chicken is actually one of my favorites. When I am looking for something a little more adventurous than salt and pepper on my chicken, I opt for this.

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  • Lovemyboys2 By  Lovemyboys2    

    Can't do chicken without's the best

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  • Hcmomma By  Hcmomma    

    I love this seasoning! We grill all the time and whenever we cook chicken or burgers this is what we use!! Give it a try, you won't be disappointed

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    We grill chicken often at our house and this is a great addition to chicken breast. It gives the chicken great flavor without overpowering.

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  • Honeybadgertami By  Honeybadgertami    

    Love all the varieties of this seasoning! Great on anything from meats to vegetables!

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  • SavinSamm101 By  SavinSamm101    

    Spicy Chicken Tacos anyone? Amazing herbs and spices from Weber. I use Weber's Kick'n Chicken Seasoning to spice up the dinner table. All my chicken taste amazing, but with Weber gives me the right "Kick" it needs. Family and Friends would love to taste the chicken you cook with the spice. Good for BBQ, Lunch, Dinner, Family Reunions and even wedding showers! You need a kick in your chicken I recommend Weber's Kick'n Chicken Seasoning!

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