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  • EileenD By  EileenD    

    Not good business practices

    I'm not a fan of Walmart unfortunately. I really try to avoid this store. Their practices for employment and what the buyers do to manufacturers and companies - essentially forcing them to sell the product to Walmart at whatever prices is demanded, regardless of product manufacturing and labor costs, really turned me off to this company. I know they've improved, but they sell cheap products and avoid full time employees with benefits. Just not a good company in my book. I hope they improve.

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  • helenross85 By  helenross85    

    Decent place to shop

    My family does a lot of shopping at Walmart. They usually have what I am looking for, but lately it has been harder and harder to find typical items. I understand that we are living in unusual times, but I would think I could find shredded cheese. Most of the time the store is pretty clean, but not usually organized.

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  • sthurberyoung By  sthurberyoung    

    My viewof Walmart

    They always have what I ne3ed, when I need it to the degree I need it even throughout the pandemic. It is a joy truly and really to shop with them whether on line (for delivery or pickup) or even in store. Their prices are great, their servie is amazing and I could not get by without htem especially during these odd and tragic pandemic times.

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  • wintergreen83 By  wintergreen83    


    I wouldn't go if I didn't need to. They don't have the best deals (i.e. no bogo) , a number of times I've tried to use coupons and 1. the employees think it's a XEROX COPY (no it's from the internet & a home printer) 2. we don't take these (when I used one the last time I shopped there). I don't make a big deal of it when it happens but it's annoying & I don't have issues at other stores like Target or Publix.

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  • Mhebert16 By  Mhebert16    

    Love Walmart

    Love walmart. Has always been our go-to store for so many things. From fishing trips to baby items!

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  • Strawberryblondebomb By  Strawberryblondebomb    

    Not a fan anymore

    I usually love Walmart for their wide varieties, but lately they don't restock they have more items out of stock then on the shelves. Their employees are rude and just don't care about their customers

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  • Queeniefreebie By  Queeniefreebie    


    I only give it 4 stars because Walmart isn't available in New York in many locations anymore so I have to buy online. My father always buys stuff here for me though to send it to me, and everything's always good quality and affordable. He even bought our first Graco Jogging Stroller for the first child my husband and I had in Walmart for around 250-300 (including the rain cover and net for the summer). Great quality at a great price. We kept that stroller for 2 years until we realized we couldn't do the heavy/bulkyness of it.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Walmart Stores are just a part of life because they are everywhere. I sometime shop the grocery but prefer Kroger or Meijer. Walmart has decent prices on clothes and other items. I usually buy Disney movies here.

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  • LDBeckner By  LDBeckner    

    who doesnt shop at Wal*mart?? living in a small town, we have a local grocery but walmart has the variety and the different departments availble.

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  • Gina679 By  Gina679    


    I don't like Walmart, but they do have good prices. Even before the virus there was a problem keeping shelves stocked. Online isn't much better. They move food products around all the time in stores and it is like a treasure hunt to find what you need. You find a product you like and the next time you go to get it it is out of stock or they don't carry it anymore. The associates are very helpful if you ca find one. Shoppers work together to help each other find things. If you shop online watch out for items not shipped by Walmart. They are frequently way over priced. They let small businesses sell on their website and if you are shopping in a hurry you don't look at the complete description. They have photos of the products but take them so you can't see how many ounces or pounds are in the product so you think you are getting a great deal, but you are actually being over charged.. I don't like the Super Walmart's because if you forget something in Health & Beauty and are in the food department it is a long walk back to health & beauty. I only buy brand name meats & look at produce carefully. Walmart is like a necessary evil.

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  • Dbeck17 By  Dbeck17    

    It's Wal-Mart that is all that can be said really

    Let me start by saying I live in tennessee so this review isn't against all Wal-Mart's. Just the ones in my area. We have 2. One on the easy side of town is horrible. The staff is horrible. The management is horrible and the store itself needs to be shut down and fixed. There's always an issue regarding there stock. The west end of town, has a newer stir and they are definitely better then east end . The employees are helpful, respectful, and very informative of there's stock. We also have a Wal-Mart neighborhood market on our east side and they too are very respectful and helpful. there prices are cheaper the the big Wal-Mart 2 miles away. There employes are always asking if customers need assistance. The managers are always visible to customer making sire they found the item or got the service they needed. I drive the extra 2 miles to the market before I go to the east end big Wal-Mart any day. If I order on line I pick it up from either west end or market.

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  • Nvc1127 By  Nvc1127    

    Worse by the day

    Over the years, I've witnessed how terrible these stores, corporate, and managers have become. I feel sorry for the employees as they make less than enough to pay rent in the bi-weekly pay, they get worked too much for the pay they get. Unfortunately this store has it all at good prices which makes many people go back every time.

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  • Jenopinion By  Jenopinion    

    Bad building: Cheap prices

    Awful customer service. Cheapest prices, and items are decent enough to keep me going back (not for produce, meat, or anything fresh). Great quick (if I use self check out) stop for processed foods and cleaners.

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  • shelby_neal8792 By  shelby_neal8792    

    Highly recommend for everyday needs!

    Has everything you need, even the online option. Self check out is a thing now so that is very convenient. So many services they offer in the store. Have never really had an issue with them!

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  • Cdettra By  Cdettra    

    I preferred to shop at Kmart because it was more convenient, but they closed their store in our town. I will go to Walmart only when absolutely necessary. I?ll shop Kohl?s for clothes and our local supermarket for groceries. I only go to Walmart for things I can?t find somewhere else

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