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  • Rmmarcin By  Rmmarcin    

    Great shower gift!

    Babies love Sophie!!! A great shower gift. Easy to clean, easy for babies to grasp.

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  • Vinnie By  Vinnie    

    Love this toy

    My baby sister loves this toy!!! I got it for her on her birthday and she loves it so much.

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  • berrael By  berrael    


    Sophie is a staple baby item in our home. She pretty much goes with my boys everywhere. Really amazing for teething and super fun with her squeaks. Kind recommendation to keep her out of the water and just wipe her down with a damp microfiber towel because she gets yucky easily!! Worth it though! I took off one star because I do personally think her price is a bit high.

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  • nola807 By  nola807    

    Ok Gift

    I just got this a a baby shower gift for my niece I will say it was very cute and seemed like a very sturdy toy for a child but I could not get over the price

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  • Irenaavi By  Irenaavi    


    I've had Sophia the giraffe with both my kids. They both loved this toy, it was our favorite toy when we were out. Always had it with us as soothing toy/teether when they where 6 to 12 months. Would recommend to anyone.

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  • Ches4191 By  Ches4191    

    My daughter loved this toy but it didn't last long. I expected more due to the fact it was made to be a teether and the fact its a bit on the pricey side.

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  • barbie20135 By  barbie20135    

    Great gift

    This is the best gift for a baby shower! This is my go to gift and babies love to chew on this while they are teething. It also makes an adorable gift :)

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  • Catstarbaby By  Catstarbaby    

    Neither love or hate it

    I have a love hate relationship with Sophie! Love because it is child friendly. The paint on it is not toxic, it can be chewed on all around, it is enticing enough for kids to chew on. However, it is not good for babies! I felt like my baby didn?t have the skill to grab it and put it in her mouth. I had to look at recommended age and I felt it was too young. Another thing to note is after a while it gets weird and gross. For a $20-$25 chew toy I?d want it to last longer.

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  • Emster By  Emster    

    Mold found

    My young cousin had this you and her mom discovered mold in it. My aunt was horrified at the sight of this and wrote a complaint to the company. Not sure if this was damaged prior to it being bought by our family which caused mold to grow but still quite a shock for a children's toy.

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  • user2626 By  user2626    

    Awe, this was my baby's favorite! Very comforting and easy to bring everywhere, I almost always include a Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether in my baby shower gifts for moms-to-be.

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  • emimorgan By  emimorgan    

    A fan favorite, but gross inside

    My first baby loved this giraffe and chewed on it a ton. Then I thought about how gross the inside of it is.. you can't wash it easily without getting water inside it. Skipped it for my second baby.

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  • Chelesglam By  Chelesglam    

    So cute

    Ok my son loved Sofia! Its squishy, yet firm and great for there teething moments, hits the spot. Easy to clean and average priced

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  • AshKot4 By  AshKot4    

    Hit or Miss?

    LO played and chewed on it but it wasn?t a must for us. I?d read such great reviews saying it was a must and while it?s nice being that it?s easy to hold onto and natural rubber it wasn?t something that we couldn?t live without.

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  • sammie01 By  sammie01    

    My son played with this toy for at least a year and a half, they only thing with it is it collects dirt and fuzzies. He didn't care to chew on it though.

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  • Crunchymama09 By  Crunchymama09    

    Wish it could be washed. But love it.

    I absolutely love this giraffe. I've gotten every one of my children one. Only downfall is she is hard to clean because you can't get water inside of her. Even with this as a downfall, my kids absolutely couldn't go anywhere without thier giraffe.

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