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  • Jrcloud89 By  Jrcloud89    

    My favorite Brand

    Some thing I like to keep in my shower. I can't stand to feel funky, so I use vagisil products to stay fresh let longer.

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  • speechiemel By  speechiemel    

    I love this feminine wash. It smells fresh and great for my sensitive skin. I love using this when I am menstruating, it gives me an extra sense of security.

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  • Vbreeebb By  Vbreeebb    


    I love using vagisil, I feel like I?m clean and refreshed, yet it?s not too harsh on my privates.

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  • Pompbella By  Pompbella    

    Dries my coochie out

    I hate it and after a few uses i decided to trash it. It makes my vagina extremely uncomfortably dry. Nope ill pass!

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  • Mystearica By  Mystearica    

    Must try, you will love it!

    I love using this, leaves you feeling extra clean and smelling fresh. I?m so glad they have this product, better than ole soap and water.

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  • SaraVictoria By  SaraVictoria    


    It is very good for the care of your intimate area. It has a great smell, it is very soft with your skin, it does not produce irritations, it cools you, cleanses, moisturizes and protects

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  • KKate94 By  KKate94    

    I've had better feminine hygiene products

    Scent was a little to strong for my liking and it dried my skin out a little too much. I don't think it was a good as the other washes ibhave used in the past.

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  • Cellardoor By  Cellardoor    

    Completely gentle and a complete clean.

    Really love this brand of feminine wash. I discovered it probably 6 months ago when I was thrown off with my pH level and was not able to get it under control even with probiotic. The light scent is absolutely wonderful and it really does leave you completely clean, I feel like only showering once a day is enough when using this product. I experienced no irritation, very gentle and easy to use, and you only need a tiny amount to create a great sudsing action.

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  • Eureka00 By  Eureka00    

    Smells great and works for other areas too, such as armpits.

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  • Liongal80 By  Liongal80    

    Strong scent

    Would not recommend if you have sensitive skin or allergies. It has a strong scent that I did not care for and this product is expensive. Would never purchase again.

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  • Tray45 By  Tray45    


    My current Femine wash, I also have their wipes, with this wash I noticed a difference than other washes I've used. I felt fresh all day until it was time for my evening shower. The PH balance Fortified in this product matches mines perfectly. I so live for and cant go without this stuff.

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  • mingee08 By  mingee08    

    Light and Fresh!!!

    Vagisil Daily Feminine Wash works perfectly!! It's got a light scent~ leaving my intimate areas smelling fresh. It gently cleans my super sensitive skin~ with no irritation~ which is so important to me!!! Always feel wonderful after using this product!!

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  • deidremelvin By  deidremelvin    

    Love Vagisil

    I love the Jasmine White smell. It smells really good and I use it over my whole body when I buy the product. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. My cousin suggested this product to me and I've been using it ever since.

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  • Momof3801 By  Momof3801    

    wouldnt buy

    Tried this because it came with a coupon but didnt like it ended up buying something else. Didnt have a great smell too it.

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  • sandramburns1959 By  sandramburns1959    

    Great item

    Love this new one. Have used their product line for years. Glad they add new things, and new smells.

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