V8 Original 100% Vegetable Juice

V8 Original 100% Vegetable Juice

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Not for me I do not care for this drink. For me, the sodium content is too high

Great juice for anytime I like V-8 very much, just add lemon or lime juice, a dash of Tabasco and you are all set. I use the low sodium.

Too Mush Sodium This product is not healthy. It has way too much sodium. Why don't people read ingredient labels? Don't just read the front label.....That's what companies want you to do -but- wise up and read the ingredient label before you buy.

Love It I am a big fan of V8. I buy both the regular and the spicy. My husband and I both drink them in the morning as breakfast. I also use them in cooking. They are a great item to have in your pantry.

delicious I love V8, they make the best vegetable juice. I'm not supposed to drink it because the sodium is too much for me but it's so delicious. Great to cook with, make cocktails with or just drink it straight.

Yum This drink is good for the body and mind. It's always made me feel happier and good along with help my body. Tastes good with some salt and a good shaking.

Love it! I love the big bottle that i can reuse. I don't like buying the small cans cause they are never enough. I love drinking v8 juice. The taste is very delicious

V8 surprise I love this product because my children will drink it AND enjoy it! It has vitamins that they need, and it is good for them. Surprise! It only looks gross.

I love V8. I love cooking with it. The spicy variety makes a great addition to chili and stews! And I love drinking it. The sodium content is high, but they have a low/no sodium option as well.

my whole family is a big fan of v8 i drink it daily. best juice around

I use to drinks this all the time and they are great

My boyfriend loves this stuff. It is healthy and tastes good. I would most definitely recommend this products to others. Great way to get your vegetables in for the day.

V8 is the best vegetable juice. I don't know of another vegetable juice on the market I would drink. V8 is my go to drink 3 times a week to get my recommended vegetables in.

This is the best vegetable juice in the world. I put a little sugar and a drop of hot sauce and bam you got an awesome drink

I love V8 but it definitely something you have to get used to