Universal Pictures Ted 2

Universal Pictures Ted 2

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Hilarious If you're okay with crude humor (which I am) then this movie is great! A great sequel.

This really was a funny adult movie that we really enjoyed watching. I loved the way that the bear just came to life with a huge sense of humor and a love for the lady's. It made me want to have one as well and just enjoy life with a talking bear. It was a enjoyable movie for both me and my husband.

thunder buddies for life Oh my gosh I love Ted and I love Ted 2. Like always it has me cracking up there's nothing better than a a guy and his best friend. Great ways to come back with a second movie

not good This is the dumbest movie I have even seen really a talking bear that gets high

Most entertaining comedy ever This cracks me up everytime even better than the original super funny well written the laughs keep coming heartfelt also I'd recommend this to fans of Family Guy and Duce Bigalow

Crazy good thumbs up Even better than the first one I laughed Everytime I saw it a definite must have for fans of family Guy and mad tv

Great fun This movie was great just a good choice for us. We had jokes for months after this movie. One of our pals even dressed up as ted too.

Kinda sucked The first one was so much better, this one just drags on with maybe a few moments that may bring a laugh or two but other than that seemed they over played vulgarity to try to real in more laughs but didnt quite work out the way they planned and I'm all for a good vulgar comedy but not when it seems over done

Skip it. The first one was super funny. This is a movie that absolutely should not have had a sequel.

Not for me I didn't like it, the first one was waaay better in my opinion

Ted 2 I thought this movie was really funny, and I really enjoyed that they kept the original cast members

Awesome Movie I absolutely loved this movie! I saw it twice in the theater & would watch again. Warning* Just because it has a cute teddy bear in it, does not mean it is any way appropriate for kids though, due to the swearing & other humor involved.

Funny 😆 I thought it was funny, and the story line was brilliant! I don't think it was as good as the first one but they kept the original cast and that's important to me when watching sequels. It's definitely worth watching but I wouldn't add it to my collection at home.

Ted 2 I'm honestly glad I watched it since I liked the first one but at the same time I enjoyed the first one better. I think though if you watched the first one then your most likely going to want to watch this one to. So get the popcorn, sit back and enjoy the movie.

Great Movie The first Ted movie was a little more engaging and entertaining. This movie was still a must see, especially if you saw the first one. There are a couple of REALLY hilarious parts that will knock you off your chair.