U by Kotex Tween pads

U by Kotex Tween pads

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Best pad for "smaller" women I am not a tween but use these because I am smaller framed lady. They are the perfect size, no leaks and they look and feel barely there!

For Young Girls Super thankful for this modified product. My daughter is 11 and has her period for almost a year. This is great because the sizing fits her so much better. I took off a star because it's a little overpriced but it is one of few if not the only on the market for teens.

I have 2 teen daughters and if I buy any other brand they throw a fit. They say these fit so well they barely know they are there and they haven't experienced any leaks.

Great These are one of my favorite pads! They are made for petite people and smaller teens and pre teens.

I'm No Longer a Tween, but I Still Use Them I am petite, so the U by Kotex Tween pads work perfectly for me. The only down side is that Wal-Mart is the only place I can find them. Whenever I use pads, they are usually huge. These aren't. Also, I have never had one leak on me and I usually have a heavy period. I recommend everyone should try them because they are a great product. Lastly, the packaging is fabulous. They are pretty and can be carried in your purse without any embarrassment.

Great for school You can barely feel it there! It works great for in school! Very small and discreet!

Super light This product is super light and i almost i forgot that i was wearing it

The best Best on the go female product out there! It is compact and easy to conceal, very comfortable and great for active ladies!

Why not have the best in the market? I've also used Kotex products they are reliable and stand the test of time. When I had a daughter and it was time to educate her they had a sample pack and I was able to have to her which pads she would feel comfortable it. It was a big help. They have been around for ever, the new design and package make it easy for backpack, purse and pocket you can't beat that! Thank u Kotex!

Great product These are so cute. They mad me feel super comfortable about starting my period because they were so pretty. They are also super absorbent.

Perfect for little girls These are great for daytime wear not overnight. There are good for teens and pre teens because they are small for them.

Kotex U Tween I am a loyal Kotex u user so when my daughter started her period last mont I bought her the tweens and another competitors brand. She told me she liked the Tween brand better so like mother like daughter we are U by Kotex all the way. The do prevent leaks and they feel more sturdy for being a slim pad.