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  • slehan By  slehan    

    Excellent tweezers

    Excellent tweezers. I never wear them out, just manage to lose them.

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  • mgeaux By  mgeaux    

    Great product

    Tweezerman tweezers are my go to ! I love how effective and efficient thet are. Thay make getting tiny hairs easy to pull out.

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  • moont1gr By  moont1gr    

    Great Tweezers

    I love these tweezers. They allow me to remove unwanted facial hair with precision and ease. They grab every hair I reach for and I would definitely recommend.

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  • thepittsmn By  thepittsmn    

    I have tried many different brands of tweezers and Tweezerman works the best and lasts the longest.

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  • Danielle1213 By  Danielle1213    

    Best brand out there

    I haven?t been able to find a better pair of tweezers other then this brand. They stay sharp and had mine for over a year and still sharp as new. The grab onto each of my blonde hairs easily.

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  • pamelajk By  pamelajk    

    Well Worth the Price!

    I have tried several other brands of tweezers, but I keep going back to the Tweezermans. They are a bit pricey, but well worth it!

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  • ChristianaG By  ChristianaG    

    This tweezers work wonders lol great for plucking eyebrows

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  • Meaganalora By  Meaganalora    

    Removes hair easily!

    Love these tweezers! They are sharp and remove hairs easily.

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  • mistydawn707 By  mistydawn707    

    It makes the job easier

    The quality of the material for these tweezers makes them study enough to handle anything. Love the tapered ends and sharp edges. It's makes tweezing that much easier.

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  • Amyz17 By  Amyz17    

    Absolutely amazing tweezers! Super great and sharp!

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  • debragaynor By  debragaynor    

    Why would anyone use another tweezer? This one is simply the best. Have one for home and travel.

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  • Desireelbishop By  Desireelbishop    

    Tweezerman tweezers are the best tweezers that I know of. I love the precision.

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  • ldekerlegand By  ldekerlegand    

    Best tweezers ever! They are a bit pricy, but so worth it. They are sharp, don't pinch and last a long time!

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  • arlette2525 By  arlette2525    

    Have had this for some time now and they are still sharp. Love it!

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  • everlarkbakery9 By  everlarkbakery9    

    Best tweezers, although a little spendy. Have tried others but I always go back to Tweezerman.

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