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  • Nvc1127 By  Nvc1127    


    My kids and I love the way these taste, they're delicious. Good source of fruit and veggies.

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  • Kunis20 By  Kunis20    

    Love these! Healthy and yummy. Always finding good deals on them too so that's a plus

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  • MaMaPea By  MaMaPea    

    This is my favorite brand of juice, lots of flavor options.

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  • AMPLette2015 By  AMPLette2015    

    I have bought a couple of the varieties of this juice and loved both. It's worth the price just to have something refreshing as this. I would recommend this to anyone who loves anything Tropicana related.

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  • Gagurl By  Gagurl    

    My kids love these.They like all flavors.Great juice

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  • Essielay_10 By  Essielay_10    

    Delicious tasting juice. My favorite is the pomegranate & blueberry which I can get for the house and to go as well! Would definitely recommend.

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  • jlhaines83 By  jlhaines83    

    Great juice! Good flavors! I like that I can give my daughter this juice to drink instead of an unhealthy juice alternative.

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  • gwanita By  gwanita    

    Really yummy juice! Fulfilling and thick.. A bit pricey but isn't too bad considering the prices of the other juices

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  • lshock200 By  lshock200    

    very good tasting juice and very healthy for you worth the money!

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  • Lynn4677 By  Lynn4677    

    These are wonderfully delicious products! I love the mix that they have available. I keep my refrigerator stocked...

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  • 87rbbjef By  87rbbjef    

    This drink has two servings of fruit or vegetables, I don't remember, but that just means its worth it to buy!

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  • Emlynn By  Emlynn    

    100% fruit and vegetable juice- I tried Pomegranate/Blueberry and I tell you it was so good and refreshing! Not to mention it is healthy too! There are other flavors-Strawberry/Bananna and Peach Mango. I am going to try them for sure!

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