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  • 16chrisk By  16chrisk    


    I use tresemme all the time!!!! It works well with my hair!!

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  • Guerrera20 By  Guerrera20    

    I like this shampoo,love the smell but honestly I did't see this do that it says it supposed to do

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  • aquariusbridget By  aquariusbridget    

    This product smelled really nice, but did not help my split ends at all.

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  • hblackwell93 By  hblackwell93    

    not a fan i see no improvement with my split ends, and my hair gets greasy within 1 day

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  • Shannon17 By  Shannon17    

    It smells good! But I honestly didn't see my split ends improve.

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  • tja1967 By  tja1967    

    Love the way it makes my hair feel. Use with the TRESemme conditioner and it makes your hair feel smooth and silky. I follow up with TRESemme Climate Control Mouse. I love these products

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  • Mamilindabr By  Mamilindabr    

    One of my favorite smell great, my whole family can use it's just great

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  • ashleyamelvin19 By  ashleyamelvin19    

    This shampoo smells sooo good .its one of my moms favorites and shes very picky when it comes to smells!

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  • pulmprincess By  pulmprincess    

    This product was not for me. After a week of use my hair felt very weighed down and gross. I had to use a clairifing shampoo to get all of the build up out.

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  • Lionbubbles By  Lionbubbles    

    Did not work on my head at all TRESemme is fine but this product did not do the work it said to do

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  • cheermom1977 By  cheermom1977    

    love it

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  • mrspayne86 By  mrspayne86    

    I love the entire treseme line

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  • tew_92 By  tew_92    

    Smells okay but it doesnt really work

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  • nikkilee0625 By  nikkilee0625    

    It smells great, but I personally believe that it does not do what it says it does. Maybe because I only tried it for a week...

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  • angelmk By  angelmk    

    I didn't care for this shampoo and my hair felt a bit brittle using it.

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