Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Tea

Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Tea

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Essential I Truly Love This Entire Brand Of Teas! They Really Do What They Need To Do. As For This One, The Taste Isn't The Absolute Greatest To Be Completely Honest. However, The Pros & Health Benefits Of Dandelion Root Will MAKE YOU Love It. Its A Natural Detox For The Liver & Kidneys, Great For Inflammation, As Well As Intestinal Health! An Essential For Sure.

If you feel sick or have "backaches" when you drink dandelion tea you probably have gallstones. So if you know that you have gallstones do not take anything dandelion !

healthy teas This company makes a wonderful line of teas. I have used them for a number of ailments.

hmmm Recently discovered, a tad bit too expensive...but what better way to get some healthy cuppas!!

Natural Diuretic Pros: great natural diuretic, organic, works great for PMS bloating and water retention. Cons: does not taste great... but I got used to the flavor. I combine it with Hisbiscus tea and it masks the flavor adequately.

Interesting I haven't had much of this kind because I am so hooked on TM's Throat Coat tea. It is pretty good, though.

This was surprisingly recommended by a GE specialist to help with high cholesterol levels. If you are familiar with and like Japanese Mugicha (roasted barley tea fixed cold), this has a similar taste. While it can be pricey, these can be found on sale (Kroger) from time to time, and I get at least 2 cups steeped from one bag (depending on how long the bag is first steeped). I take my tea unsweetened anyway, this is a great accompaniment to sweet treats.

I am a big fan of this tea. It definitely helped me when I was doing a liver and gallbladder cleanse. I still drink it every once in a while when I am feeling a little sluggish inside but also because I love the taste! I did notice that I cannot drink it just before bed though. If I do it makes me unable to sleep well because I have crazy dreams! I think there are a lot of things in there that make my brain more active

This is a part of our 'I feel like I'm getting sick' routine to try to make a natural comeback. It has a nice earthy flavor and goes well with green tea or by itself and has such great health benefits!

The flavor is okay, but the price is ridiculous. Dandelions grow wild pretty much everywhere, so dandelion tea should be the cheapest thing on the market. I also hate the pseudo science health benefits it claims to have.

I love TM products and will go out of my way to find the dandelion root variety. It tastes earthy and cozy and soothing. I feel better after having my daily cup and actually look forward to its unexpected earth and floral taste. Definitely a staple in our house!