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  • tripichick By  tripichick    

    savory chicken, cabbage and spices. the pot-sticker wrapper itself can be tough but that's because we only have a microwave. yummy served with stir-friend peapods and julienned carotts.

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  • california313 By  california313    

    Easy to prepare

    I love this product. It's easy to prepare and good taste. It's a good additional dish when we have friends over.

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  • stretchingyourbudget By  stretchingyourbudget    

    These are so delicious! We made them one night for dinner with homemade fried rice and hibachi chicken! Super easy to make and yummy!

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  • Jenicsf By  Jenicsf    

    These are my go to late night snack. Quick to make and the flavor is huge. Perfect with a little soy and chili oil.

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  • Rafencat By  Rafencat    

    Quick, easy and no preservatives. Amazing as an appetizer and wonderful as a main dish. They are loaded with flavor and no artificial stuff. Love these!!

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  • NJhousewife22 By  NJhousewife22    

    These are perfect for a super quick weeknight meal. They are so easy to steam and taste great. I second the reviewer who recommended you try them with the sweet chili sauce. The combination is amazing.

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  • pearl11 By  pearl11    

    Wow! The first purchase was an impulse buy. They are great! Super flavor, easy to cook, and great price. Try them with TJ's sweet chili sauce too.

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  • samsniderheld By  samsniderheld    

    These are super easy to make! Either steam, boil, or fry them for easy party hor d'ouevres. Or stick them in chicken broth for wonton soup!

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