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  • msbttchin By  msbttchin    

    The Hazelnut flavor is wonderful. You would never know that it was sugar free!!! I am so excited because now I dont feel like I am giving up the sweet flavor I like in my coffee

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  • longqt By  longqt    

    I really wanted to love it, but I don't. At first I wasn't sure if it just was the coffee I was using, or the way I made the coffee. I got it to try and create my own Coffee shop coffee's without the price tag. It just didn't work.

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  • Touchedpainter By  Touchedpainter    

    I tasted it, only, because I can't eat fake sugar, it shots my nerves. Not at all impressed with the flavor. No matter how little I put in it is always too sickening-syrupy sweet and the horrible after taste of the fake sugar was hard to rinse out of my mouth, and the flavor is over powered and diminished by the sickening sweet. Also Dr Oz Just recently spent an entire hour (Oct. 2013) explaining the findings of the last 40 years, of how detrimental fake sugar is to the human body. Physicians & professional nutritionists (around the world) are insisting that their patients wean off of fake sugar. Fake sugar is so insidious you can't quit cold turkey, and the doctors are recommending each week to cut the fake sugar intake by 1/2, until you are off it totally. Fake sugar is addicting, numbs the sweet tasters so more & more is needed to accomplish sweetness. There is no evidence fake sugar helps to lose weight, but there is a lot of evidence (40 years) that it causes the human body gain fat weight in the omentum (belly fat), and that fake sugar is one of the leading causes of heart disease. You can check this out at DoctorOz website.

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  • xoloulouox By  xoloulouox    

    Hazelnut Has 80 calories per 1 oz (sugar free has 0 calories) Wish it was sugar free...they DO have a sugar free version, just wishing the one I was sent was! I know the sugar free taste yummy from past experiences, but I just couldn't open this bottle of temptation since I had guilt with the calories so I am gifting this bottle-NOT because of taste but my preference to cut calories on my luxury treats/snacks and not my main meals. The recipient is one lucky person This Post was made on Behalf of: "christinlilly"

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  • loribethdoll By  loribethdoll    

    The flavor in Torani Sugarfree Hazelnut Syrup is just wonderful. I have been using Torani in my coffee for about 5 years now, but have just recently taken sugars out of my diet. I was impressed to still have the intense flavor I liked with out the sugars I didn't need. I don't feel like I had to give up anything!

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  • bchicobraun By  bchicobraun    

    I LOVE this product. I had never used a sugar free syrup before. I am always watching my weight so to find something that I could add to my morning coffee (sans the calories) that tastes good was great. This product has an amazing flavor - nothing artificial. Not too sweet...unless you add too much. I will definitely be replacing my artificial sweeteners with Torani!

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